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Venezuelan Tile Heaven: My Fave Spring Shoes You Need in Your Closet

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues and intricate patterns of my Venezuelan travels, this season’s I’m rounding up my fave Spring shoes trends to celebrate the happy colors found in my home country’s dreamy tiles.

 You know how much I love a good tile, from adorning colonial buildings in Maracaibo, to the trendy coffee shops, restaurants and cute spots I visited, Maracaibo’s vibrant spirit infuses this season’s must-have footwear. 

My essentials for the season for Spring shoes? They gotta be colorful flats, offering both comfort and style, perfect for long walks and travels if that’s your plan this Spring. Here, I’ve curated a roundup of my favorite colorful flats to elevate your spring ensemble, let’s do this!

A mix of flat shoes for Spring 2024
blue and beige tiles with red tiles
colourful tilrs with red flat shoes

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