Current Mood: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with This Epic Pink & Red List

Valentines Day Ideas

Valentine’s day is around the corner and this year we’ll spend it most probably in a full lockdown in many cities around the world, so, we want to help you plan in advance (yay! zero 2021 procrastination)  with a curated gift guide you can shop online of the most epic pink and red list that caught our eye and heart! 

Get ready and xoxo your loved ones!

1. Hello pink & red doormat: Honestly, we need to keep this happy mood all year long, right?

2. Heart teaspoons set: To use all month long, and in the sweetest rose gold finish, wow!

3. Pink colourful throw blanket: Always in with pops of colour to accessorize any space, you?

4. Valentine bar soap: I mean, in a pink heart shape? aww my heart!

5. Floral red earrings: I’m a proud owner, and addicted to them.

6. Hot red sweater dress: The sleeves are just a dream, even if we get dressed to go nowhere this year!

7. Cute midi red dress: an must-have for that special night.

8. XOXO vases: Ceramic lovers, raise your hands! these are epic pieces, right?

9. Cross back bralette: Entirely obsessed with this one, and added to the cart right away, wot wot. 

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