The Easiest DIY Scalloped Mini Bags!

Scalloped Mini Bags DIY Tutorial

When we talk about makeup organization, are you like me who’s a fan of mini bags? I find them so useful on the go when you travel or to carry in your purse everyday! When I thought about making these, I knew I had to do a cute design: scalloped mini bags! This project is the easiest DIY where I’ll show you step-by-step how you can sew your very own!

In partnership with Yves Rocher Canada, these DIY projects we planned together are such a perfect compliment of their sustainable development, where protecting nature is a family value for their brand and for our family as well.  When I visited La Gacilly and learned about Yves Rocher’s history, knowing that from the formulation of their products up to the time it is used, Yves Rocher’s goal is to constantly reduce its environmental impact, it meant the world to me.

Reducing our plastic consumption was my number one inspiration to design these mini bags, and guess what? They are also a super easy sewing DIY project and a perfect gift idea for the holidays!

Let’s start, shall we?

DIY mini bags with faux suede

Materials you’ll need:

– Faux suede sheets (I found these ones at Michael’s and they’re Cricut – similar here)

– Sewing threads

– Scissors

– White marking pen

– Daisy MDF mold – to make your pattern 

– White sheet and pencil

– Pins

– Ruler

– Hole puncher

– Sewing machine

Gold round button & screw back

Easy Scalloped Mini Bags DIY

how to make scalloped mini-bags:

  • Start by measuring your faux suede sheet and divide it in two drawing a line in the center using your ruler and white marking pen.
  • With your scissors, cut your faux suede sheet.
  • Using the daisy MDF mold, place it on top of a white sheet and mark the scalloped shape with a pencil.
  • Fold your faux suede sheet leaving 3 inches from the top and add your pins in the bottom part of the bag.
  • Place your ruler at the top of the sheet and mark the middle, where you’ll start drawing your scalloped pattern.
  • Cut the scalloped top with your scissors and now using your sewing machine, stitch both sides, always backstitching the beginning and end to secure ends.
  • Now, we need to calculate where we’ll place our gold button to close our bags. Place your white marking pen on the back side of your scalloped flap and mark the middle. Then, using a hole puncher make a first hole. 
  • Fold the scalloped flap over and now mark a second hole through the one that you just created, and hole punch that as well. 
  • The last step is to screw in through the our gold round button and screw back.
  • Fold the top flap over, putting your scalloped top through the gold button and voila fill it with all your Yves Rocher gems!
Scalloped bags DIY
Scalloped DIY bags
Scalloped DIY project Ideas
Scalloped DIY bags tutorial
Step by Step DIY scalloped mini bags
Organization DIY projects: mini makeup bags
Easy DIY ideas: Mini Scalloped bags

Aren’t they amazing? Will you be making them anytime soon as well?

Mini bags DIY project
Scalloped organizational bags DIY project

Endless thanks to Yves Rocher for sponsoring this lovely DIY tutorial. All opinions expressed in this post are entirely mine.

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