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The Summer Playlist You'll be Obsessed To

Sometimes, we see things not as they are but as we are. 

And finding the good in really bad situations is something I’ve learned the day I left my home country, 10 years ago. No matter how hard it was to leave behind my life, my family, my everything with only two suitcases, I knew we will get through it. I was sure that there was always something positive to be gained, to be learned, even though I did not see it right away.

The past week was filled with many emotions, many. So I knew I needed an action plan right away: reboot, learn from this and take it as a life lesson. How to start? What can I do? ALL the questions came to mind in a second. Just be gentle, I said to myself: clean the studio, reset, and hope for the best. 

As part of the news I shared today on Instagram, we will be updating our studio website with many photos of the new space, all the rentals info that can finally resume again (all with the most rigorous social distancing measures), and we will be launching (finally) our second #heymacashop collection, Home Club this Friday!

And while I was doing all that, I put together a new summer playlist that helped me cope (with the sweetest friends right by my side, that I’ll be forever thankful for).

 We need to heal. We need to believe there’s good in this world. Truly.

Hope this helps a bit. Feel all the feelings. Hug someone you love. Eat that cake. Cry out-loud. I am proud of each of you. You deserve all the joy. 


Sending all the much needed love, and big virtual hugs.


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