Ode To Life: Fall 2018 Edition

I can’t believe I’ll be saying this, but, how come November is here? Where did 2018 go? Is it me or time simply decided to take a fast pass and skip everything?I can officially say now, Happy Fall, my sweet friends!A few weeks ago, we did our annual apple picking which was a quite different one, a hot day, sunny and beautiful Autumn afternoon we spent together. 
As a tradition of this blog now, here’s our Ode to life, Fall edition.
Dear Halloween,We thank you for bringing a fun night filled with surprises and endless candies, but, could you please remind my little ones you only come home once a year? pretty please?Dear Sheryl Crow,I’ve been listening to strong enough the past few weeks and I gotta say, I miss the 90’s. I miss that feeling and all the memories I built in my city.Dear #heymacatravels,It’s been a cute and fun ride, eh? My body somehow is on strike right now from the nonstop madness these past months have been, so I’ll try to take life slowly from now on, okay?Dear body,I’m so sorry that I keep dressing up like summer even though it’s not. I know you are mad at me, and I can’t blame you.
Dear Lotto ticket I never seem to win,Where are you when I need you the most?Dear future studio,We’ll be there in two weeks and we can’t wait to bring back to life a happy corner that will cheer all of us upDear Mansur Gavriel bags,How dare you!Dear Aperols and everything iced,bring summer back, now

Dear days with no sun at 3pm,
I cannot understand you. point.

Dear oat milk cappuccinos,

Where have you been all my life?

Dear flu season, 

Please stay away and never visit us again, this is hard enough with the lack of sun.

Dear Jamaica,

Did I say Jamaican patty? 

Dear extra pounds that are here to stay,You need a real intervention now.Dear brand new fodmap diet,I swear I’m going to figure you out soonDear new agenda,I love how just the smell of something new, so many old memories come back to me. Isn’t it so strange?Dear Fall bucket list,I sincerely apologize I never got the chance to plan you. I guess we’ll see each other in 2019

Dear Fall foliage in front of my house,You make all these gray and rainy days SO worth it.Dear Argentina trip,I’ll miss my girlfriends, your asados, your sweet people, tango and all the feels I had in the happiest week of this year.Dear closet,I know we need to talk, I’ve been avoiding you the past weeks and I’ll keep doing that until the end of the year, k?Dear Oli,Yes, it’s totally acceptable to wear 3 different Halloween outfits, because guess what? your mama did it once too.
Happy Autumn, lovely friends,xoxo