Ode to Life: Happy Sweet Thanksgiving!

Another year, another Thanksgiving to be thankful right?… and this ode to life is dedicated to you, to all the good and not so good memories, to all the drinks shared, to the new friendships, and to a very different year.Hooray!
Dear mini pumpkins,How on earth you keep melting my heart every time? I can’t.Dear Johanie,We LOVED spending a morning with you in your dreamy new studio and I can’t wait to go back with my little ones again!Dear sickness that comes again and again to Oli,Please kindly leave. never come back.Dear new home,You are the best thing that happened to us this year, and we cannot be thankful enough for finding you.Dear Nico,Thank you for this year, for learning how to say ca va mama? when you see me in trouble, for all the kisses and hugs and even for your cranky times. You are a sweet little dude ok?
Dear 2017,You were absof*ckin’lutely incredible to me, thank you for making us happy and we will miss you, lotsDear brunch places this year,Thank you for all the bacon, maple syrup, and awesomeness.Dear baby belly without a baby,We’ve been good to each other this year eh?Dear color blocking on my Insta,Where’s the purple in this city?Dear Esteban,Happy almost 10 years together. You are my life. 
Dear bangs that came back this year,I keep forgetting I have brows to do, wow.Dear NYC this year,You were so lovely as always, and I’m already planning when am I going to see you again.Dear sleep,We need to make a deal. please come back to me all year long, ok?Dear LCD sound system,See you in December, yay!Dear pumpkin spice everything,FINALLY.

Dear readers,Thankful you are still around here, showing some love and never leaving me alone. Love you.Dear Montreal weather,What’s uppppp summer? So good you decided to stay a bit longer!Dear Poutine without fries,How come this is not a thing yet? I just want a mountain of cheese and gravy, please?Dear world in 2017,Praying for peace, more sanity and I’m hopeful the next one will be better for all of us.Dear sparkly shoes,How many of you are way too many?

Dear Turkey,I’m sorry, it’s not you, it’s me but I can’t cook you.Dear CB2,How come everything you designed this year is so so dreamy? HOW do you do it?Dear Olivia,I heart you and words cannot express how I feel about you, my little me.Dear Instagram stories,You make me so happy every day, thank you for showing up this year.Dear life,Thank you.

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