Life Lately: A Pause On The Blog, First Travels, Post-Surgery & More

Dominican Republic Travel: Where to go and where to stay

For the first time in a while, I took a blog pause and it felt so weird but so good. When I think about pause, refresh and restart as a business owner and self-employed, I always think about my kiddos Nico and Oli. They get a new school year after a long summer pause, new classmates, new clothes, fun supplies, new teacher and a brand new start of the year, but as adults, do we even get that ever again? 

I did just that. 

Everything started back in February, when I traveled to Toronto for work (more on that sooon, you’ll see) where I had to pause my blog content for a week, that became more into… a month. 

Air Transat All inclusive Hotels in Punta Cana
Decor with colour

A lot has been going on over here, starting with:

surgery – two months and a half have passed since my gallbladder removal happened and I’ve been slowly introducing much of the stuff I had to eliminate from my diet (hello brunch places, caesars, micheladas and much more!) I think I have never felt so relieved and still can’t believe how all my stomach problems (for over a year) were caused by the gallbladder. It feels so refreshing to eat without fear, and to feel normal again. 

Second floor construction update – It feels like forever since I first started planning and talking about our second floor construction (which is equal parts scary and exciting). We’re now in the first phase (design) and just received the floor plan proposal from our wonderful contractor Marie-Jeanne Rivard. Next step? we will be applying for construction permits and ordering material, (yay!). 

Dominican Republic Travel Ideas
Margaritas at Dominican republic
Punta Cana with Kids: Where to go

Family vacation – it happened! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw our Punta Cana adventures a few weeks ago, our first travel adventures since the world stopped. We booked a wonderful sunny destination with the kiddos to unplug and feel a bit normal back again. Spoiler alert: I can’t wait to travel one more time, (you have to see me browsing different destinations now) Hello, Hey Maca travels is back!.  If you haven’t traveled during the pandemic just yet, I have to tell you, it isn’t that scary as I thought, as long as you take some precautions (social distancing, masks and stay outdoors as much as you can). 

The studio – I renovated the studio lease one more year and I started 2022 with one mindset: cleaning, purging and organizing, something I didn’t do since I moved to the first studio downstairs 3 years ago (WOW SO MUCH STUFF). I will show you (soon) my renovated DIY storage and all the tips to get an organized system for yourself. 

Punta Cana All Inclusive Hotels
Best Gelato Spots in Montreal
Air Transat Dominican Republic All Inclusive

Going back to my fave ol’ things  – Since restrictions are getting lifted (finally) in Montreal, I’m planning to go back to my pilates reformer classes, visiting and tasting new restaurants, traveling, yoga, reconnecting with friends, entertaining at home and so much more. 

Life is too short to deprive ourselves from all the things that make us happy. Enjoy the little things now, deal?





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