What’s Trendy in Montreal: Brunch at Escad Hotel

Hotel Escad Brunch Menu in Brossard

Last weekend, I had a very special invite to try the new brunch menu at the new Escad Hotel at the Quartier DIX30 (you know how much I love Dix30, right), I happily accepted, wore a cute outfit and brought my cute date with me.

You have no idea how much I’ve been missing discovering and sharing with you over here new trendy places everywhere I go, and a lot had to do with the pandemic that started two years ago, where it was a pretty impossible mission in Montreal under very strict restrictions and only take out options (it hit us hard, eh?). I’m so glad to slowly see things going back to normal (for now) where we can finally visit restaurants, have some drinks, and try new menus with our friends. 

As soon as I stepped at the Escad Hotel (by le Germain) on a beautiful snowy morning, I was totally in love with the design details, colour selection and ambiance, a perfect spot if you live in Montreal with an amazing brunch menu (key to my heart). 

Bar Les Cousins Brunch Menu
Brunch Escad Hotels in Montreal
Brunch at the Escad Hotels

A tasty brunch with endless local options 

I was very surprised how carefully curated the brunch menu was with many options for every taste: sweet, savoury, healthy, for two, vegan, small portions, big ones, and much more. We started our visit with the morning pastries, including fresh mini chocolatines and mini croissants, served with a beautiful fruit salad bowl and homemade jam to spread. 

My choice was just so unbelievably good, The Cassolette, a bed of crunchy potatoes topped with caramelized maple ham, green onions, peppers and two sunny side eggs, the best mix of sweet and savoury, just heaven and 100% recommended. 

Fresh waffles, yogurt bowls, continental breakfast and a brunch board is offered as well as a la carte items paired with my favourite local coffee from Saint-Henri and Camellia Sinensis teas. 

Want to check the menu and start planning your visit? Run here! 


Escad Hotel Brossard Design
Brunch at Escad Hotel in Montreal
Escad Hotel Interior Design

Two things get me very excited in life: a great menu and a great interior design. Having breakfast at Escad Hotel was definitely no exception to both.

Can’t wait to visit many more places and share them with you. Until the next time, friends!

Escad Hotel Menu Options for Breakfast
Bar les cousins breakfast menu

Weekend Brunch at Escad Hotel at Quartier DIX30


9156 Leduc Boulevard,
Brossard, Québec,


Walk-ins are welcome, recommended for big groups

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