Let’s DIY The Sweetest Daisy Bucket Hat For Spring (For Only $2 – WIN!)

Stylish Bucket Hat DIY in a Few Steps

And just like that... Spring arrived! 

Today is an epic day to remember: the first day of 2022 going out without wearing a coat and  you bet I’m blogging about it to remember May 9th for a long, long time.

As Canadians living such long winters, we learn to appreciate the sun and good weather like there’s no tomorrow, and today’s DIY is the perfect project you need to make to celebrate the sunny season in style. 

I drove to the dollar store last week and scored this white bucket hat for only $2 and planned a cute daisy design  adding a very Hey Maca touch, obviously. Let me show you in this post, how simple it is to make your own custom bucket hat today, shall we?

Materials required

  • Bucket hat 100% cotton
  • Cricut machine
  • Cricut Iron-on Vinyl in your favourite colour
  • Cricut hat press
  • Cricut weeder tool
  • Ruler 
  • Cutting mat
  • Exacto knife
  • Scissors

Step one: Define the design

I always wanted to have a pink daisy bucket hat and TODAY is the day! I designed this cute daisies and measured them 1 inch x 1.9 inch each, calculating how many I needed to fill the entire hat.

Step two: Cut the Daisies 

Heads up! To complete this project, you will need a Cricut machine. To start, I used my Cricut Explorer to cut these daisies using Cricut’s Iron-on vinyl in my favourite pink shade. As soon as you finish cutting, place the vinyl on a cutting mat and remove the piece you just cut with an exacto knife.

Grab your weeder tool and remove the vinyl excess, cleaning those cute daisies perfectly and then cut each daisy individually with your scissors – getting them ready to iron!

Step three: Iron the daisies to your bucket hat

To finish this DIY, you need to iron each daisy to the bucket hat using a heat press or the new hat press I used from Cricut – literally obsessed. The heat seat up for cotton is directly calculated using Cricut heat app (330 F for 60 seconds each). 

Let the daisies cool for a few minutes and remove the plastic protector carefully. 


If you see me wearing this bucket hat all Spring, don’t blame me, I love it so much!

See you in the next adorable DIY project sweet friends!

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