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Dopamine Closet: It’s a Polka Dot Edition

If you are a true Sezane lover just like myself, well this is your place to be! 

This year, I promised to myself to do a better job documenting my outfits both on social media (hello, check my Instagram video over here) and to share aaaall the links of the treasures I’m finding in the go, so let’s step into a world of timeless charm and irresistible Sezane style as I share my curated roundup of favorite polka dot treasures for this season.

From effortlessly chic pants (I know, shocking!) to accessories that add a playful touch, these pieces are more than a regular piece in your closet; they’re an invitation to build a dopamine-infused closet – something I’ve been doing the past years.

Join me in exploring the enduring allure of polka dots and discover how Sezane effortlessly blends timeless elegance with modern whimsy. Scroll down to see all my favourites.

My favourite pants I’ve been wearing non-stop – Syra Trousers

This tote bag is seriously a must. 

If I could wear one piece for the rest of the winter, this would be it,the Lizy Cardigan.

and if you want to wear the Rosalinda Blouse with the Trousers, this is your sign!

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