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{Inside} My Idaho Closet

This week: Andreina from My Idaho Closet, a fashion blogger living in Buenos Aires.Why Andre rocks: Besides being my bestie since forever ago, she’s the most fun, edgy and beautiful girlfriend you’re proud to have in your life. We both cry singing Madonna, easily could share our closets and live together as dreamy roommates. Want to know her in detail? Read this amazing interview The Wild did a few ago here 

– What is the top must-have in your closet?

Right now is this Bomber Jacket I got from Zara that had a Tiger on and says Shibuya on the back, I feel like such a badass whenever I wear it! 

– Pairs of shoes? 

A pair of white ankle boots from Asos. So 60’s! 

– Your three favorite pieces in your closet are?

My vintage Levi’s 501’s cut offs shorts, My purple faux fur coat, and a vintage flower print blouse with a ruffled detail on the neck.  

– What are your fav locations for your #ootd shots?

It used to be lots of walls with vibrant colors, but now I’m trying to do more pictures on relatable places, like the supermarket!

– What do you want your closet say about you?

I hope it portrays a fun-vintage lover-unique-cool person! (Yeah I know I’m asking too much)

– How do you transition your clothes from season to season?

This is a very hard thing to do! Last year I started putting away in drawers the clothes I wasn’t going to use in the upcoming season, but the thing is some of my summer clothes could be used during the fall if combined with other items, or wore in layers, so I have to figure out how to still remember the clothes I stored lol.

And that is the key, you can still wear some summer clothes like a top and wear it over a t-shirt, or grab a midi skirt and instead of wearing it with a blouse, use it with a sweater and change the sandals for ankle boots, is just a matter of being creative with what you got!

Thanks my lovely Bombis, you’re my daily inspiration (:Follow her journey on Instagram, here

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  1. This post is so pretty I think my heart exploded. I love you and I miss you and I'm glad to share this love for fashion and lifestyle with you (and have the same taste thank god!). We're bonded for life!Andre

  2. Bombis has such a cool style! Total girl and closet crush! Insert all the heart eyes emojis

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