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12 Essential Tools I Use Every Single Day As a Creator

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It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years since I started my journey as a creator. What I thought it was my creative side life, became my entire life years after. 

My first *very random* post? Kale chips. Yes, that’s how Hey Maca started when not even Instagram was around, only the magical blog era I still adore so much. 

It’s been a true happy journey of learning from all my mistakes, of keeping in my pockets countless memories and growing as an entrepreneur, immigrant, mama and designer. I will be forever grateful of the little community I have created over the years and their immense support who have been with me every step of the way.

Now, reaching this milestone is a moment of pride, right? So I welcome you to my “12 things” series where I’ll dive into all the fun things that have shaped Hey Maca’s journey, starting today with this list of my 12 essential tools that plays a key to capture and share the beauty I see through my eyes. 

striped colourful yearly agenda
yellow I mac

A cool planner

A MUST for me since I started Hey Maca – nothing beats the excitement of starting a new one, helping me plan my shoots, deadlines and track every single meeting so I won’t forget any important detail.

Here’s my favourite planner



My bestie, powerhouse behind all the editing, writing, emails and work you see on Hey Maca. Of course, if I’m going to get one, you bet it gotta be colourful and cute. I love my yellow IMac at home and my MacBook Pro to work anywhere I go.

Get my yellow IMac here

A camera bag

Protecting my babies (aka my cameras and lenses) is my top priority. I have used quite a few camera bags the past years, and I assure you this one is THE best I’ve found so far.

Here’s my favourite camera bag

keychain measuring tape

Isn’t this the cutest, smartest idea ever? As a DIY creator, my bff is my measuring tape, and having a mini version with me handy saves so much time and space in my purse. So, you’re welcome!

Get my portable measuring tape

Portable tripod

If you know me, you have seen I’m the QUEEN of tripods (no shame in here) and having a solid portable tripod will solve all your problems when you are on the go. This one is great for both my phone and DSLR.

Here’s my favourite on the go tripod

The best headphones

If I could marry these headphones, I’ll book a one way ticket to Vegas just to do it. Yes, they are quite an investment, but the quality, design and battery life of these AirPods Max are just so worth it and essential to edit video.

Get my green AirPods Max here

Laptop Bag

I also have a collection of laptop bag that I change every week as my outfits and purses, right? Because let’s be honest, my laptop is my mobile office, so we need to be sure it’s well protected. 

Here’s my fave laptop bag

My fave lens

A solid lens that can capture beautiful memories is essential as a creator, and when I’m using my BIG camera, I always love using the 50mm, whether is indoor or outdoor, I simply love it.

Get my favourite lens here

Water bottle

If you are tracking your water intake as me, you’ll be obsessed with the LARQ water bottle, that not only keeps everything cold for 24 hours, but filters your water (I swear) on the go. SO incredible!

Here’s the prettiest water bottle

Phone with octobuddy

My phone is also essential as a creator and adding the octobuddy to it has been a WIN. The octobuddy will help you mount your phone anywhere for a hands-free use,  capturing videos and photos like a pro.

Get the octobuddy here

Cute Pens

Looking for inspiration in the tiniest things? Get yourself a set of cute pens, they are the first step to achieve it, promise! And if you pair them with your planner – you made it.

Get this adorable set

Fast hard drive

If there’s one advice you can take today, it gotta be this one: get yourself a fast, reliable hard drive to backup all your work. Yes, this is absolutely non-negotiable, and this SanDisk fast drive is the one you need.

Get the hard drive here

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