Our Travel Guide to What’s New at The County This Summer!

What's new in the county this summer

Three years ago we fell in love with The County and it became our family summer tradition ever since. We packed our bags and escaped one week to Prince Edward County to unplug from work and explore what’s new this summer. 

If you’re looking for a guide to exploring what’s cool at The County this summer and check out all the cute, new places, this is  youuuur guide! Bring your bathing suit, flip flops, sunscreen and all the appetite because it’ll be worth it. 

Let’s roll!

Whats new at PEC ontario
Colourful Restaurant Design
Cute cocktail car trailer design

Where to explore if you want an epic beachy day 

This year, we visited a few beaches near our Airbnb home for an entire week, 7 days of sun and heaven!. Did you know the beaches at Prince Edward County are among the best in Canada? Yes! Dunes, clear blue waters and a drop-off you will feel you are at any real beach (except the cold water, lol). At Sandbanks Provincial Park, we visited Outlet Beach, Dunes Beach and Lakeshore beach. 

Our second aventure to the beach was at North Beach, an incredible beach that had a lot more waves making it super fun with the kids. This park is smaller than Sandbanks and much quieter (which I loved lots!). 

We ended our adventures at Little Bluff, located at the top of an 18-meter high limestone bluff. Nico and Oli took a dip in the transparent, aqua waters we absolutely adored, a MUST!

Due to covid restrictions in the province, If you’re planning on visiting Sandbanks or North Beach, you need to reserve your visit 5 days prior buying a DVP (Daily Vehicle Permit) over here. If you decide to visit Little Bluff, they will only charge $15 per parking at the entrance of the park. 

Little Bluff Beach in PEC
Beautiful deck design ideas
Things to do at PEC Ontario
Aperol Cocktail Recipe

Where to go if you want to have some drinks

Ontario recently opened indoor and outdoor experiences (phew) so we could enjoy both while at The County. Here are my fave places if you want to have some drinks:

Parsons Brewing Company, one of our top breweries every time we are here. Loveeed that this year they included Asado to the menu with daily specials (real Argentinian asado) and a new Yuzu beer I loooooved. Try the asado, caesar salad and their beer flights. 

Old Salt Cocktails, the most adorable mobile bar (fo’ real) and this summer, they’re at the Grange Winery permanently, offering cocktails, local beers & dogs! I had the Aperol Betty and I’m still dreaming how goood it was. 

The June Campfire, always our fave spot in PEC, and you can now visit their lobby and campfire enjoying their wine and local beers. 

Slake Brewing, The newest kid on the beer block and our personal favourite this trip! Slake has a stunning new patio, the absolute cutest packaging, merch and location where you can watch the sunset while sipping some good beer. Ps. all the food is locally sourced and prepped by Bloomfield  Public House Market.

Matron Fine Beer, located in the heart of Bloomfield, we love visiting Matron for all their local beers and limited editions (this year is strawberry!). Ps. you can’t miss their chef takeovers during summer, deal?


The June Motel Prince Edward County
Old Salt Cocktails Menu
Best Beaches in Ontario
Colourful The Vic at Picton

Where to eat if you’re craving something really yummy

Midtown Brewing Company, for the best wood fire pizza and fries (while you sip their pilsner!).

The Vic Cafe, for an epic brunch (loved their eggs garden benny) and without a doubt, their tater tots!

Harry’s, a new truck if you’re craving an amazing burger with plenty of flavour, out of this world bacon, and perfectly crisp fries, OMG.

The Lakeside Motel, where you can have a perfect scenic supper (wait, is this for real Canada or Miami kinda view) with of course an epic selection of local beers and cocktails. We love their burgers and pizza!

Koenji Whisky Bar, a new spot for ramen soups, takoyakis and whisky (yas!)

Judy’s, if you’re craving a good ol’ barbecue and some fried chicken (just outside the Bloomfield Public House Market).

Beer Tasting in The County
Cute places in PEC
Healing with Horses Therapy at PEC

New Fun activities you won’t believe you can do here

Go & play some miniature golf, located just outside Sandbanks, Caddy Shack was SO much fun! They have 18 fun mini-golf holes, serve wood-fired pizza and you can even enjoy all the local beers at their bar.

Do some animal therapy, we visited heal with horses, a charity dedicated to improving mental wellness through animals. The kids spent so much time with the horses, bunnies, dogs and piggies, an unbelievable experience. 

Rent a bike, and explore the millennium trail, a 46-km trail connecting many wineries, breweries, shops and restaurants.

Take a walk with some real cute alpacas, yes! real ones (insert all tears, please)

End up the day at Mustang Drive-In, a real drive-in movie theatre since the 1950’s. Tickets are $30/car of 5 people.

Parsons Brewery at PEC
Slake brewery Picton
The Lakeside Motel

Where to go if you want to do some local shopping 

Kokito, an adooooorable home decor and kids shop filled with Canadian design in the heart of Bloomfield. 

Field Made Goods, for all the pretty local pottery and apothecary by Sunday’s Company.  

Fridays, a boutique apothecary style cannabis store (and the prettiest I’ve seen so far) with many local gems.

The Vic Picton Menu
the vic menu for kids
PEC this summer: where to go, what to do

We love you so so much, PEC. 

Thank you for healing our hearts during hard times, for giving us much quiet room and plenty of wellness when we most need it. You can read our past adventures to The County here and here.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

alpacas farm at PEC
Best hidden spots in Sandbanks

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