Our First Roadtrip During COVID-19: Exploring Prince Edward County!

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After many months, weeks and days at home in a total unexpected lockdown that happened across the world (I’m writing this just to remember it in a few years, what a crazy year!), one of the things I had in mind all the time was how travel would look like after this was *somewhat* over. 

Sometimes, I just close my eyes wishing and wanting our “normal days” back, don’t you? During our lockdown, we took the risk of planning a roadtrip to one of our favourite local destinations, The County, without even knowing if the lockdown was going to be lifted, or eased a bit. 

Jackpot! Our first roadtrip after COVID-19 was a total success and we’ll show you what you can expect, and how is this new life exploring Prince Edward County. 

Dang, I missed travel guides SO much! Hooray! 


The Lakeside Motel Patio
The Lakeside Motel in Prince Edward County
New Motels in PEC: The Lakeside
Lakeside Motel Prince Edward County

first things first: how’s the road and what can you expect

Prince Edward County is just three hours away from Montreal, a short ride! We didn’t see any traffic or roadblocks (pheww) last week and we pack a bunch of snacks for the kiddos, making sure we didn’t stop to eat. Our pitstop however, was to use the bathroom (can’t help it) and you’ll see very strict social distancing rules everywhere. 

You have to line-up to access common areas, respecting the 2 meters between people, wear face masks (finally!), wash hands and if you want to buy a snack or two, everything gotta be to go.  

The county: Travel guide during COVID-19
The June Motel Prince Edward County
The June Motel PEC
The June
The June Motel Patio

Now, the fun starts! Where to stay? 

Remember our first travel adventure to the county? We loved it SO much, we decided to come back the exact same week this year and of course, repeat our lovely stay at The June Motel. What changed this year? The contactless check-in, complementary rose and a dedicated and amazing staff taking care of every single detail. 

The June’s patio is open from 7pm until 10pm every day, with an amazing social distanced seating (limiting to groups). Try their charcuterie board and local beers!

If you’re game for an Airbnb kind of adventure, we recommend you to explore Picton, Wellington or Bloomfield and reserve way in advance. 

The June Motel: Best Rooms You Need to Try
The June PEC
The June Motel in PEC

In my pink heaven! 

PEC best things to do this summer
The Vic Drive In

Now, let’s talk about ALL the food, shall we?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know Food is MY thing and discovering great places my favourite sport (forever running after carbs!). The County has many amazing options and here’s a handy list for you to discover:

– The Vic Drive In: our number one option when we visit PEC! This colourful pastel gem serves the most incredible tater tots, brunch menu, magical milkshakes and burgers. All the indoor seating has been shut down and moved to a drive in concept, plus patio seating. 

166 Main Street 

– The Lakeside Motel: the newest patio addition to The County (If you watched my stories you know what I’m talking about). The magnificent view of the Ontario lake, a dreamy cocktail menu and fresh, local produce they barbecue in front of you, is simply, the most county experience you’ll get. 

349 Main Street

The Vic Drive In during Covid-19
The Vic PEC Menu

pinch me, I have a teenager already! 

The Vic Drive In


Enid Grace: The sweetest italian in town, where you need to get a treat with a traditional coffee and do some groceries in their fresh mercato. 

304 Wellington Main St.

– Beacon Bike & brew: My fancy coffee pit stop with curbside pick-up we visited every morning before heading to Sandbanks! If you’re staying at The June, just show your keys, coffee is on them! 

188 Picton Main St.

– Picnic PEC: Also the sweetest tiny coffee shop serving incredible cortados, salads and paninis to go.

194 Picton Main St.

The Lakeside Motel Patio
PEC flowers
Prince Edward county: where to stay
Best Airbnb in PEC

All the local breweries! Our top options

One thing we LOVED about PEC? Their local breweries, especially when pairing their farm-to-table cuisine with farm-to-pint craft beers, and let me tell you, AMAZING beers. Did you know one-third of The County is dedicated to growing barley for beer? Here are our favourite discoveries:

– Midtown Brewery Company: This spot was our top one! The pizzas are to die for, and so are their special edition beers (a Lemony-citrus Pale Ale I’ll never forget). Seating area is 100% outdoors, in picnic tables, respecting social distancing rules.

– Matron Fine Beer: In the heart of Bloomfield, from a perfect packaging to a very quaint location, this brewery is a must if you visit The County!

– Parsons Brewing co: Crafted beer made by a cool team where you can sip different IPAs, Pale Ale, Pilsners and some Jerk Empanadas (Not kidding here). Simply SO good.

New places in Prince Edward County
What to do in PEC this summer
PEC Best Breweries

Things you can’t miss

– Spend a day at Sandbanks Dune beach, where you’ll feel for a second, you’re in Cancun (for real).

– Pick-up some craft beer selection at Prince Eddy’s Brewing Co and enjoy the sunset.

– Visit the new Bloomfield Public House Market and pick up some local treats to picnic with friends! 

– Check out treasures and pottery from local artisans at The Ye11ow Studio

– Enjoy some cocktails or brunch at The Drake (you need to reserve way in advance, we couldn’t get a table this trip due to limited seating)

– Drive to Mustang Drive-Inn and catch a movie at 9pm! Classics only: The Goonies, Almost Famous and Mean Girls!

– Walk and do some local shopping on Picton Main street, where you’ll find plenty of gems.

Where to shop in Prince Edward County
Best Spots in The County, Ontario
Best Shops in PEC Pincton
The county: Where to go!

Can’t wait to see you real soon, PEC! We adore you, lots.

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