Big News: We have a New Studio!

After one year as a full-time freelancer, we have big big news:WE RENTED A NEW STUDIO!This was without a doubt, one of my dreams, and after a few months looking a ton of options, we found THE one. This year, HeyMaca has a lot of new projects coming up, new goals, and a real space with real desks was just necessary to bring to life, all the dreamy crazy ideas we have in mind.Shooting beautiful new content, a lot of cute stop-motion videos (with a real and decent studio space OMG, god bless!), a corner in the city to host events and a lot more. Thankfully, my friend Joanna from Lazymoms is my partner in crime that will share the space with our team, and we cannot wait to be there.YEEEEEAH! 

I remember when I started this project a few years ago, I dreamed so many things and most importantly, to be an entrepreneur, that to me, seemed just a far goal to achieve.

 I started this journey with one thing in mind: bring happiness, color, and passion for friends, family and each of you with my blog, and after a few years experimenting here and there, I now believe life will give you little hints of the smart decisions you need to take for your business, meeting the right people, finding a perfect space, and being scared of the unknown. 

These are the key aspects I needed to understand how to grow my business. 

I know it can be scary, but with the right attitude and dreams, this is all you need to overcome all your fears. 

Meet my lil’ HeyMaca team: 

Lucile, designer & illustrator 

Ale, DIY & set designer 

Me, the one girl show behind all this

Now, let’s celebrate together, YAY!Love,Maca