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This Advent Calendar DIY Will Make Your Holiday Decor Shine SO Bright!

Pastel Advent Calendar DIY

In only TWO weeks we will say AT LAST YOU’RE HERE to the merriest month of the year! To do a proper and cute welcome, we DIY’ed an adorable advent calendar that will make (without a doubt) your holiday decor shine so so bright.

I looove using very different  colour schemes from the typical ones we are used to (because who says the holidays should be only red and white, right?). This advent calendar is made from just a few materials and the main star is recycled match boxes, creating a sustainable and unique idea. 

So proud to partner with DeSerres (my second home for allll our DIY & art supplies) to bring this project to life, with very inexpensive crafting materials, and with little steps that will add a splash of happy colours to your decor.  Read on for our detailed tutorial, deal?

DIY advent calendar using craft paint
Advent Calendar DIY Idea: Using Sustainable Materials

Materials Required:

  • Assorted acrylic paint (in your preferred colour scheme)
  • Paint brushes 
  • Natural eucalyptus 
  • Fabric ribbon 
  • Round wooden dowel 
  • Gold matte vinyl
  • Cricut machine
  • Gold floral wire
  • Hole punch 
  • Scissors
How to create an advent calendar with match boxes
DIY advent calendar ideas

Step one: let’s organize the match boxes

Start with the match boxes by adding a white base coat. I used a matte spray paint and let it dry for a few hours. 
Painting DIY advent calendar
DIY advent calendar project

Step two: Splash all the colour!

Once your boxes are completely dry, let’s add all the colour! I picked 4 different tones and painted the 24 match boxes (6 of each colour). Add two coats, and let it dry. 
DIY Advent Calendar Project
DIY Advent calendar with gold numbers

Step tHREE: cut the numbers

 I picked a beautiful matte gold vinyl and using our Cricut machine I cut our 24 days of Christmas. You can make this process manually using your scissors, drawing your numbers and cutting them directly on the vinyl.
DIY Pastel Advent Calendar
Pastel advent calendar DIY ideas

Step four: Set up all your christmas days

 Using transfer tape, add each vinyl number and paste it to the painted match boxes. Repeat the process until you finish sticking the 24 days/boxes.
DIY Advent Calendar in Pastel
DIY Advent calendar project

Step four: Add the ribbon

Now let’s finish our boxes opening a little hole using a hole punch and passing through your favourite fabric ribbon on the top side of each match box. Make a knot and play with different ribbon lengths for the different days.
DIY Advent Calendar
DIY Pastel advent calendar

Step five: set up the dowel and hang!

I picked fresh natural eucalyptus to decorate our wooden dowel. Wrap the dowel using the gold floral wire cutting eucalyptus bunches of approx. 10 inches long each. Repeat until you cover the entire dowel. Right after you finish covering the dowel, knot all the boxes and hang to the wall.
DIY Advent Calendar using Match Boxes
DIY Advent calendar ideas
DIY Advent calendar Wall
DIY Easy Advent Calendar Project
DIy Advent calendar wall

Endless thanks to DeSerres for sponsoring this beautiful project, all comments expressed in this post are entirely mine.


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