The Museum Of Ice Cream: Miami

Last week, I was lucky to pack my bags and head to Miami for a few days (HELLO sunshine state!)  and I couldn’t miss visiting the famous pink heaven headquarters, aka The Museum of Ice Cream.This pop-up experience dedicated to ice creams and sprinkles is the latest Instagram fever that has been since 2016 in cities like NYC, LA, Miami and San Francisco. I had lots of questions about MOIC, so I really hope this guide is helpful for all of you if you’re planning to visit one in the upcoming months.Special love to my friends Ana Linares (well known as @ananewyork) and Noyemi (, the best Miami hosts I could’ve asked for.Ps. I’ll miss all the Cuban food. ALL. 

Am I going to find tickets?Yes, I was lucky to find them online but only because I did it at the end of the season. I know if you want to get them right at the opening, it’ll be a bit hard.How much is it?General admission is $38 plus a $7 fee. You can get them online, and will receive the tickets directly to your phone. Children under 2 are free!What are the available time slots to visit?From 11am to 9pmDo I need to visit the entire museum just 30 minutes?No, you will need to be there on time (sharp) and you can stay as long as you want inside. 

Is it really pink heaven?Absolutely! You’ll find pink walls, pink floors, pink hallways and even pink ice cream.Is it worth the wait?That depends, to be honest. if you are a content creator and are into Instagram, I’d say yes. For me, it was a mix of emotions because I was expecting way more from the “experience” and not just beautiful corners to shoot on my Instagram feed, but again, this is a personal thing.Am I going to eat tons of ice cream?haha. no. They have different rooms with tiny samples, and my favorite was at their retro diner one, delish!Can I find parking easily there?We saw public parking just in front of the museum. just to be quick, we took an uber that morning. 

How many rooms I’ll see during my visit?Bunns Shake Room: Their signature pink diner, with golden floors, stools and super funky music.Jungle: A pink jungle (yes, pink) with a banana and apple swingsSandcastle Dreams: a world of pink sandbox, a sand castle and a sand ice cream truck.Melted Ice cream: Geometric cubes in one big room and frozen ice creams to try hereSprinkle Pool: YES!… and a few more.Are they closed a specific day during the week?Yes, no Tuesday!Is the lighting perfect for my shoots?Not in every room. Indoor lighting was very yellow and poor if you want to do pretty pics, so yu gotta work your magic and photo skills here, especially at the sprinkle pool.Do I need a camera?oh my god yes. I think that’s the point of this entire “social media experience”. They allow you shooting with phones, DSLR cameras, and even video. We shot all our pictures using a Canon 5D Mark 4 and Iphone. So, go crazy with all your equipment!Do I need to eat before going?YES. Ice cream portions here are kinda small, and it took us around 2 hours to do the entire museum, so eat!

Can I eat all the sprinkles in the pool room?NO. please don’t.What’s the best time to go?We went at 11:30am and the light was insanely beautifulWhat are the best rooms that I can’t miss?Sprinkle pool, the colorful stairs, the diner and their balloon courtyardAre you planning to go to the San Francisco edition?Honestly no, even though there are 100,000 pictures using #Museumoficecream on Insta, one visit was enough for me.Is it really a museum?No, I’d say it’s more an experience and definitely not a museum or art exhibit.Enjoy the zillion pictures we took during our visit below! and if you have more questions, don’t be shy and leave a comment right here