The 25 Best Colourful Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Now

YESSSS! The final countdown!I know Instagram has been our BFF the past few months for all of us, and I’ve been wanting to start this new series on the blog for quite a bit now.This will be part of my new weekly series of insanely beautiful and talented content creators in different categories (yay!), accounts you’ll swoon and love, and I’m hoping they will inspire you as much as they do over here for me.Welcome to la creme de la creme, colourful edition this week.#heymacacolorbesties


Kelly, the sweetest ever from @studiodiy

My sweet sista and forever travel partner @ananewyork

Style, home and everything goals @aww.sam

The lovely and ultra fun, Cyn @hotpinkpineapples

These ladies tho @awhimsywonderland

You’re very welcome, this account is goals right? @lizzie_darden

Mama and lovely @carriec

My friend Alisha that I heart @alishylishy

Can you be more fun? @mattcrump

Sometimes I just want to have everything @ohhappyday

Leslieeeee is da bomb, @splendid_rags

My Venezuelan boo @teber

Oh Hey, Tom! @tomwinderknecht

She’s the absolute cutest! @sophlog

From DR to colorful heaven: @elizabethluiss

I mean, could we skip this? Forever love to @acolorstory

THIS account: @ihavethisthingwithpink

Sam is the absolute sweetest! @samewhereintheworld

I want to live in this pastel world, too @creativekipi

This sweet mama, has all my heart @sugarandcloth

Stay tuned for week 2

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  1. Awesome list of colorful Instagram accounts! Thank you for including me, Maca! 🙂

  2. Ah, thanks so much for including us, friend! XoMore color please, Carriewww.carriecolbert.com

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