Happy Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter weekend guys! Easter brings tons of happiness to our little family, including the feeling that winter is *almost* over and spring is coming officially our way (at least, the Canadian fashionably late spring).For the first time, Nico enjoyed a fun egg hunt morning with friends and I stayed with Oli at home the entire weekend, snuggling a sick little lady.But our Easter fever started a few weeks back when our friends Stephanie from Babasouk and Johanie Creative hosted the cutest morning just for kiddos (and mamas), decorating pastel cookies where my little ones played models that day, shooting the newest collection of Souris Mini (check their website, OMG!).
This year, I’m extra thankful for Nico and Oli,  for Esteban, for all the long nights without sleep, for all the tears I’ve cried, the laughs, the new scary challenges of this freelance life, for all the hugs received and given, for all the new friends and all the old ones that have been here in the bad and great times, and for all of you, because this is what thankfulness and easter is all about…. and yes, wish me luck putting them to bed tonight, they are super egg-cited!
My heart melted with these two! Oli couldn’t finish a single cookie without eating them in the process, lol.This little nugget tho. 
We went to cuteness heaven.and I’m never coming back.

Oh hey, little model!!! 

Pink lemonades? Oli knows it (Already!!)

Thank you for the lovely morning, Johanie!Location: Johanie Creative Studio Photography: Ange Hebert-CorriveauStyling/Clothes: Souris MiniLittle Models: Babasouk, LazyMoms