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An Indie New York City Guide With Kids

We drove all the way to New York City a few weekends ago and I’m so happy we did it. It was the first time for Olivia, and I was a bit terrified of a long road trip of so many hours with her but at the end, she was a total champ! I wish we had more free days to stay a bit longer and enjoy a lot more places and things to do with these two little ones.I have so many photos to share from our trip, I had to post most of them, don’t blame me. I put together a small list for you of what to do in the city, à l’indie style, with our without kids.Cheers to NYC, all the beautiful places, walls and the fantastic eats we had (:

START YOUR DAY LIKE A CHAMPIONWhere: Kellogg’s NYCI’m pretty sure Nico isn’t the only cereal fan over here, raise your hands if you’re with me! We visited this fancy, stylish new cereal bar of Kellogg’s and Christina Tosi, yes, you read right, the owner and chef of Momofuku Milk Bar. Her mastermind brought together this cool concept to the city, mixing cereals with pastry ingredients, BRILLIANT! We started our day with one cup each like real champions. What we had: you can pretty much mix and match tons of ingredients and create cereal bowls, shakes, and yogurts. We had a bowl of Birthday cake yogurt with frosted flakes, yellow cake mix, vanilla syrup and rainbow sprinkles. Nico had a classic cereal bowl of Froot loops, fruits, maple syrup and milk. 

ALL THE FUN STARTS NOW AT THE ACE HOTELWhere: Ace Hotel Our ultimate favorite place in Midtown! I can’t get enough of this hotel and every time we come, we head there to grab a cup of coffee, have a snack at Stumptown Coffee shop or dream about most of the things at the Ace Hotel Shop. If you’re still a bit hungry and want to eat something small, you can try the Breslin bar & dining room, this menu is simply too yum to resist.What to do: Go to the lobby’s photobooth! They have a restored vintage photo booth and you’ll love it. We felt we were a rock band and took a set of family shots in there. Nico went absolutely crazy about it and he’s still asking about that photo booth, lol. 

FALL STROLL AROUND MIDTOWN Where: Midtown, Madison Square Park and Flatiron Building areaIf you’re traveling with kids, they’ll need some outdoor time and this perfectly situated park will be your BFF as it was for us. Nico and Olivia needed a bit of a break from our busy morning and they loved it. We saw the beautiful fall foliage and enjoyed a perfect weather to walk around all this area.What to do: We walked around the park and explored a bit these little streets. you HAVE to check out Fishs Eddy, my favorite store in Midtown if you’re in the mood for some edgy, fun and unique glasses and dishes. Eataly and ABC carpet & home are two classics you have to add to your things to do.

MURAL HUNT @ LOWER EAST SIDEWhere: Love mural, Ramones mural near Broome and Mott St.If you’re on the lookout of fun walls, head to the lower east side. Besides all the great walls, the options are endless when it comes to little coffee shops, stores and treasure hunting, hands down, you’ll love it here.What to do: Visit the love wall and if you have time and appetite, grab something at The Butcher’s Daugther and Jack’s Wife Freda.

ORALE! LET’S HAVE LUNCHWhere: Tacombi Nolita You can’t go wrong with tacos for lunch not only on Taco tuesday! We absolutely love Mexican food and Tacombi is a must-visit when you’re in the city. With 4 different locations, we went back to Nolita, where food is cooked in a rad VW van in the middle of the dining area of this place.What we had: For the kids, we ordered their side of Rice&Beans. For the adults, Barbacoa and Pollo adobo tacos were served (: Ps. Best micheladas if you’re game too. 

ART & MUSIC BREAK Where: Children’s Museum of the Arts Nico is a huge fan of art in any form and this is his second visit to the CMA, we simply couldn’t leave without visiting. He did tons of cute watercolor paintings, played with a super fun flubber table and ran across the entire building. Olivia stayed playing with all the colorful blocks exploring like a little artist in the making.What to do: lots of paintings and join a music class, they’re adorable! They have tiny drums for each kid and they play all the classics you’ll love. 

SWEET PIT STOPWhere: Brigadeiro Bakery NYBefore you can even pronounce it correctly, you’ll be addicted to these tiny heaven pieces. This cozy and charming colorful spot serves typical Brazilian sweets treats and it was our first time trying them. Brigadeiros are simply a soft chocolate sweet made with condensed milk and cocoa.What we had: Because of Nico’s allergies, we only had one type, their Rainbow white brigadeiros. Check their menu here. Ps. They also serve Brazilian cheese bread, FTW!

IT’S COFFEE O’CLOCK Where: Cafe HabanaThis Mexican-Cuban spot serves a delicious Cuban coffee if you need to boost your energy. Charming inside and outside, we did a quick stop for two cafecitos to go and continue strolling around the area.What we had: one double espresso for him and one cafe con leche for her and I’m so coming back for some grilled corn mexican style. 

ALL FOR THE #GRAMLIFEWhere: Noho, Soho & NolitaAll the pretty facades, stunning cafes and the best spots you’ll need for a perfect Instagram life are around Soho, Noho and Nolita. These energetic hoods are a mix of a super trendy area with an impressive mix of sophisticated retail stores and all the glam of picture perfect hotspots.What to do: Visit The Bowery Market for some cool shots and a cold-pressed juice , McNally Jackson bookstore and find a great book selection for your little ones and finish off at Pietro Nolita, PINK HEAVEN!

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  5. amazing picks!!! I also love the photography in this post, so many different colors and shapes. Great job babe!

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