Current Mood: Back to School Faves!

Back to school favourites!

It happened, mamas & dadas! Back to school is here, today, after a long and crazy year filled with all the emotions, a pandemic and gosh, so much more. 

How are you feeling about it? I am honestly very excited to see them back to a somehow normal start of the year, seeing their friends, and having a much needed routine after a long break at home. This day is a sweet & sour one, excited to see them achieving a brand new journey they are writing, but so sad that in a blink of an eye, it happens SO dang fast. 

Remember our zero waste back to school essentials list from last year? This year, I put together a fun one in 3 main categories: essential tees/shoes, fun accessories (all colourful) and best backpacks options from local, Canadian and adorable shops you should know too.

Wishing you all a happy back to school season, we will be okay, pinky promise!

Basic tees and shoes: back to school

Our essential tees & shoes list

1. For Oli: Loooove this girl boss, girl power tee for my little one

2. These Bree sandals in Mellow yellow are sho adorable to resist!

3. The coolest sneakers for the dudes!

4. For Nico: We usually looove getting plain, colourful tees from Zara, HM and this local brand from Mini-Cycle 

Best backpacks: back to school

OUR ESSENTIAL too cool for school backpacks

1. A pencil case pas comme les autres, from recycled plastic bottles 

2. This freckles mustard yellow backpack is all I want for Christmas

3. A fanny pack but make it colourblock! (screaming)

4. The coolest (and also made from recycled bottles) backpack

Basic Back to School Accessories

OUR ESSENTIAL and fun accessories 

1. Got this colourful calendar last year at Boucle et Papier if you are in Montreal, if you aren’t,  you can also get it online here.

2. My favourite Canadian discovery! personalized pencils OMG! We did these Nico, we love you set in his favourite blue shades.

3. An epic, neon water bottle that will return to their backpacks magically! (you can’t miss them in these colours, right?)

4. Mini dry erase board lovers, I GOTCHA! this one is EL cheapo and EL cuteness! 

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