Current mood: Zero Waste Essentials for Back-To-School, Amazon Haul!

these are the best back to school essentials

10 more days until 1st grade! (oh my god)

Back-to-school is around the corner, and I’m going absolutely crazy getting all things done, picking the essentials & personalizing Nico’s items, yaaaaay! 

Many of you asked for our amazon favourites (which I looooved!), and we’re starting this week with a very special one: our fave zero waste products for back to school (the first of many fun hauls coming up soon)

As you’ve seen on Instagram lately here, I am shocked I’m learning the impact of plastic on our health, environment and the way we live. I’ve been doing our part to reduce unnecessary plastic usage at home and when we are traveling (we are by no means 100% zero waste up to date) but we are helping spread the word,  showing each of you why this is more important than ever. 

Our essentials this year are all zero waste, kicking our plastic habits and showing Nico, at age of 6, the importance of this big change at home. 

Happy back to school week and happy shopping! 

Always remember: even a tiny change can have such a big impact.

back to school lunch boxes
eco friendly backpack for kids

1. Organic cotton lunch bag, Fluf

2. 100% recycled water bottle school bag, Parkland (sadly, not available on amazon, but I HAD to share)

the best eco friendly lunch bot
zero waste lunch box essentials
zero waste ziploc alternatives
Silicone zero waste

7.  Storage/Snack reusable bags (to reduce single plastic use)

8. Silicone muffin cups (we use them as dividers and they’re great!)

Zero waste ideas with kids

Are you teaching your kiddos about zero waste? 

Would love to know the little changes you’re making at home!