Current Mood: 8 Epic Big Collar Blouses (Want Them All!)

Hey Maca Montreal

If there’s one style I’m embracing right now this Fall, it got to be the big collar one! (I’ve been the number ONE dork fan of peter pan collars since, forever).

Regular shirts like the one I’m wearing in this pic are just over/sayonara/bye felicia – gimme ALL the big collars, life! Honestly, I hope I have all the budget and space closet to buy every single blouse with an epic big collar, because they are just pure perfection.

In today’s current mood, I’m showing you 8 epic big collar blouses that I want them all (mostly second hand/thrifted) and I’m sure you will LOVE. 

Are you also into this trend as moi

Big Collar Blouses Trend
Big Collar Peter Pan Trend

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