How I’ve Been Aiming For Good Enough, Lately

Pottery in pastel colours
I was that kind of girl aiming always for perfection in everything I do or make. 
Until recently, you’ve seen how my life changed (for good) and became aware of my mental health and wellbeing (read my story here) as my priority moving forward, setting up well-needed boundaries.
Do you ever find that the projects you love the most are the ones that are the hardest to start? We care so so much that sometimes that mindset does the total opposite, because we want them to be just, perfect. 
So, here I am, making pottery for the first time in my life, and let me tell you, these pieces are FAR from perfect, but they are good enough.
They’re good enough to make my life happy at the moment, showing me that focusing on perfection was the thing that stuck me to start this new creative era of mine (with all the DIYs, decorating, or simply dedicating some time to make art like pottery). These flaws makes us human, and they are beautiful, just the way they are: good enough.

If you feel stuck, always remember, life is so ridiculously short, we don’t have time for perfection, we should have time to enjoy the ride.

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