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How To Entertain Your Next Holiday Brunch With The Help Of Google Home Mini

Ok Google, play a Holiday playlist?Between Christmas dinners, gift exchange get-togethers,  endless shopping sessions for everyone, I have to say, this is THE season and one of my very favourite. I feel sometimes there are so many cute ideas and so little time to do them all when it comes to entertaining a party,  at least in my case where I tend to host a million of them during the holidays. 
If you are still looking for some ideas during the holidays, I’ve got you totally covered, especially making your life way easier with your very own personal assistant (no, it’s not a dream), the new Google Home Mini. 
Read all the essential tricks on how to throw an epic brunch party, how to optimize your time and how to set the mood with your friends, easy breezy! 

YOUR SHOPPING BESTIE So, first thing first. We are here for food (well, and good company, and a good time together, obviously), and when it comes to organizing a little or big party, organization and planning is key. If you want to have the dreamiest spread, you need to have every single detail handy and as a master list maker, I go crazy creating different shopping lists with the help of Google Home Mini. Generally, I separate two different lists, Food and Drinks.
THIS BRUNCHIn the menu:

  • Maple Canadian bacon with leeks and green onions 
  • Eggs cocotte with aged cheddar cheese
  • Spinach and feta puff pastries
  • Sausage puffs
  • Prunes & bacon rolls 
  • Panned cheese curls 
  • Sparkling water with fresh fruits (and a bit of gin, if you are game in the morning) 


To make it work with your Google Home Mini, you can personalize any items in your shopping list. Just say “Ok Google, add eggs to my shopping list”, then open your Google Home app, go to Menu, more settings and bam, your shopping list will be there. If you want to create different ones, tap new list and write a new name. 

Win: there is no limit of the number of lists you can create, so welcome to heaven! 

MAKE IT FUN, WITH VIDEO!Wishing I had the ability to be a Master Chef one day *cough*, multitasking between pots and ingredients, when your menu is extensive and you are cooking different plates at the same time, a video comes in very handy. I’m extra (cap that) visual and when I see step-by-step recipes I swear they taste and look better. One super rad feature I discovered in my Google Home Mini, is that you can follow instructions for any recipe with the help of YouTube, so much fun, right?
HOW TO DO ITOk Google, play on TV how to make an egg cocotte on YouTube on the living room TV?  … and magic!You will need to have a Chromecast or a TV with a Chromecast built-in to make this work, link your TV to your Google Home App, and voila!Welcome to the future, friends!

MUSIC, MAKES THE PEOPLE, COME TOGETHERBecause what’s a party without good music? Seriously, when all your hands are full, a personal assistant becomes your number one BFF, and in my case, I use my Google Home Mini since early in the morning, all set up with our Spotify family account. Funny enough, this little and magic device recognizes voices (up to 6), and if I’m the one asking for some music, my songs will be played, and even all my favourite playlists, same for my husband’s! So smart!
HOW TO DO ITGot Spotify? Google Play Music? we got this! Just log in via your Google Home app and you can now play all your favourite Spotify playlists from your Google Home.
BONUSCheck the bottom of this post, I created a Holiday playlist for your upcoming party, yay!

Thank you to my lovely friends Joanna, Kris and Crissy.You rock my world!

This post is a partnership with Google Canada, all content, bacon overload and opinions are entirely mine. 



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  1. What an amazing post! I have been thinking about getting a google home … and I already have chrome cast so this is heaven! We are hosting christmas this year so this would be a great way to save time! Amazing! Thanks heaps!

  2. This party was the best- So colorful and fun, just like you, homie! Google home needs to be part of my life now, thank you. 馃槈

  3. Okay this makes me want to schedule a brunch right away at my home! This looks so fun and inviting! Thank you for the play list too!

  4. Looks like so much fun! Love that it helps with shopping lists! I actually bought one today! Yay for Black Friday deals!

  5. These are such good planning ideas! This party looked amazing and I love how vibrant and fun all the details were!

  6. I need to jump into the 21st century. I don't have any of the awesome tech gadgets for my home.

  7. omg omg omg I am obsessed with the whole thing! and this looks like the most lovely brunch ever!

  8. there is nothing I love more then entertaining!! This is incredible, such a beautiful set up for your party!

  9. Who knew a google home mini could do all of these things! So glad though! It helped make your party spectacular!

  10. First we are obsessed with our google home! I literally love watching the boys us google too! This brunch is so on point and I am so sad that I wasn't there to eat all that good food and wear those crowns!xoxoDaniellemomwifefoodie.com

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