Yayy of this week: Two Horses

I’ve been addicted to this spot lately (already saw Jessi for my tattoo, it was hair time now!) I love discovering new hip places in Montreal, specially like this one.This hair salon is located near Jean-Talon and Mile end in a huge antique brick building in the 3rd floor.They have a full service hair salon, Vintage clothing and Tattoos. Can’t it be more perfect?

As soon as you walk in, you feel the girls are your BFFs you saw last time in California. They will offer you drinks (including great beer) and they will put the best tunes to honour your beauty time.Julia, the stylist I met that day was great. My hair is super heavy and thick and she knew how to change it from my bored-super-long era to this yay-super-funky era #winninghairI read she’s been doing hair since she was super young, 15 years old!She’s from Winnipeg and we (of course) talked about our winter life here and there. Also, amazingly she has worked in salons and for fashion shows, photo shoots and film.Thank you Julia! Find more about her here 

Two Horses

Monday to Saturday

Starting at noon

Appointments: Yes – Call them at 438.383.1565

Kids Friendly: Maybe, but for sure not a 2 year old like mine.

Address: 170 Jean Talon Ouest, 3rd floor, Suite 306

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