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Barley Cereal Bar Has a New Brunch Menu and You Need To Get There, Asap

Every time I hear the words “new brunch place” I pack my bag (with tons of cute things) and run as fast as possible to try new menus, flavors, and people.When I heard one of my favorite spots in Saint-Henri was launching a brand new brunch menu, I knew it’ll be epic.Barley has been around for a while as the first cereal bar of the city (remember my first post? here) and let me tell ya, their coffee game is next level, so picture now food.
I grabbed my girlfriends Josie, Danielle, Eli, and Jessica and went to Barleys one cute morning together. The menu is pretty classic always including their delish smoothie bowls and new items like:- Matcha pancakes- French toast croissant- Sweet potato waffles- Frittata- Halumi salad- French toast briocheI tried the Frittata, served with fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and feta cheese.Miam!
The cutest cocktails!
and we had a little bit of everything, Frittata, Sweet potato waffles and chia pudding
Barley Cereal Bar2613 Rue Notre-Dame West
Mon – Sun / 8am – 5pm
Reservations: Only needed if you’re planning a private event, the space is pretty big to accommodate big and small groups.
Price range: $
Kids Friendly: Absoooolutely! it’s actually THE place where you want to bring your kids, I mean, cereal heaven. Also, it’s dog-friendly, how adorable are they? I didn’t see changing tables in the bathrooms, be prepared before you get here for any diaper situation.

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