Yayy of this week – Jingle bells

Today (with the cold weather approaching outside) was the perfect time to launch the xmas deco v1.0 – still under construction – and have special guests with a Venezuelan brunch to celebrate it

 (I missed all the brunch pictures, my bad!)

We had an overdose of arepas, baladi cheese (Adonis, we love you!) and plantain 

(my belly is still full from that)

The deco this year was a little different adjusted to our new situation – meaning Nico will destroy everything – So, based on that we had to buy mini – everything – ornaments – lights  – and – trees.

I have to say I loved the idea and it will be a really CUTE xmas. 

Special thanks to Target – FTW!

 – Nico & Bella had a serious discussion in our bedroom 

Lovely! –


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