My Heart, Lately

My heart? Did you ask me how my heart is?Broken.It’s been quite a while since I don’t write about, just… ME. 
About my feelings, my mornings in bed, and the rollercoaster that we are experiencing the past days.
If you ask me now, are you okay, Maca?My immediate answer is a hard no, I’m not okay.I was doubting to write about what’s going on in my home country, if you guys would be even interested in opening this post, in reading what we have to say, but at the end, this is one of my only platforms where I can fully express how my heart is feeling, and how I’m planning to heal it.January 23rd was not just a regular hump day, for Venezuelans, this Wednesday marked us forever. There was hope in the streets, new words and speeches resonated deeply within millions, that are just looking for answers, solutions, and new beginnings. I thought growing up was a piece of cake. I thought this world was sweeter and indeed I thought we are here for a very special mission, a reason.Mine, was to believe in joy and happiness. 
I promise you we will heal. Soon.I’ll have my creative flow back. Soon.Our scars will disappear. Soon.The good intentions and plans will prevail. Soon.And the happiness and joy I want to bring to this world, will be the flag of our new era. Soon.Hang in there, Venezuela.Hang in there.

Thanks bri, for the illustration


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  1. Joanna Grzeszczak
    February 1, 2019 / 2:52 am

    It will get better, I know it will.. sending love !