Our New Studio: Update Day 12

It’s been 12 days since we moved to our new studio and even though I still see an empty space, we’ve made some pretty decent progress (for two busy moms who are 80% of the time tired).Our lovely landlord gave us a blank canvas of new, freshly painted walls and vintage wood floors to play with it (which I’m extremely excited about).Some of you are still wondering, soooooo, what’s next with the studio? what are the plans? what’s for 2019?In a nutshell, ALL the cute plans.This new space is what we’ve been dreaming for a while (Joanna and I have been talking about it non-stop since we met), and to start with, here are some ideas of what you can expect in this little corner of the city:
Plenty of balloons, colours, cheerful accents and a living room/dining room area to plan ultra-fun events with our community (We are hosting a first closet sale this Saturday from 11am to 5pm, check all the details here)
All the upcoming workshops, events and get-togethers in 2019 will be announced here soon.En PLUS, a studio corner for all our content creation ideas and shootings (hello decent stop motion videos from now on), MY DREAM!

Event Space

The event space and living area will have plenty of room to organize workshops up to 10 seated guests (we are picking up the big table tomorrow, pinch us!). 

The kitchen 

I am SO excited to see half of our kitchen done! We bought an IKEA modular kitchen to start with, all in white. There’s a cute DIY project we have planned for our kitchen sink, so more on that soon!Extra bonus points: we got our pink smeg toaster, AH!

The Living Area

We partnered with our friends at Structube, and we had SO much fun putting together our moodboard with all the pieces we love for the studio (just check the first one) and yes we’ll have velvet loveseats, velvet armchairs and pretty much velvet everything in the living area space. Stay tuned for the full reveal soon, YAY!

The Desks

We’ll keep it simple with two desks, one next to each other, keeping all our essentials close enough (we realized there’s an urgent need for tons of storage), I guess we’ve been shopping a lot of plates, vases and paper.

Hey! here’s the girl who loves a good wall decor, and you guessed that right, I’m still changing a few more things, but here’s a start!