Best of Montreal: The Best Avo Toasts in The City

I know, I know, it’s THE trendiest and most millennial healthy option lately but in all honesty, WHO can resist to a yummy avo toast? definitely not me!I’m such a picky eater when it comes to this avocado trend, and to find the best options is Montreal (asked by a ton of friends all the time) was my goal this week.Last year, I did a major post with the essential and best places in the city, and this year, I’m bringing back allll my recommendations in the city with the best of everything, starting this week with my top 5 delicious avo toasts, yay!Stay tuned for more, I can’t wait to discover the best of our city, together!

September Surf Cafe 

Hands down, September serves one of the best avo toasts I’ve tried in Montreal.Why this place: It’s cozy, airy and you can do both work or a casual meal during the day.What’s special about this toast: They have a homemade avo sauce that is the perfect mix of salty, sweet and spicy, served with sunflower seeds and a boiled egg (or fried if you prefer). Seriously, guys, I could have this every single day. Try their oatmilk cappuccino if it is your first time here.2471 Rue Notre-Dame WestOpen every day from 7am to 5pm

Arthur’s Nosh Bar

It’s NO secret Arthur’s is my forever favourite brunch spot, where I go every week, bring all my friends and family, and love the most. Their dedication to every single detail, fresh ingredients, staff friendliness, and impeccable menu makes it the best option if you want brunch, lunch or a simple snack.Why this place: It’s the only nosh bar in the city and I’ve blogged a few times about them, like here and hereWhat’s special about this toast: Served with a rich hot sauce, fresh cucumbers and greens, they make sure it is as dreamy as the rest of the menu. SO-freaking-good!4621 Notre Dame WestOpen every day from 8 am to 3pm, weekends from 9am to 4pm 

Cafe Pista

A longtime favourite in the heart of Rosemont, Pista’s mint vibes, perfect branding and cozy decor makes my heart (and I’m sure yours) so happy. I confess I haven’t been there in quite a while, but their menu is one of the best in the coffee shop scene of Montreal, including their avocado toast.Why this place: all the things above, plus a super chill vibe. I usually go there with a friend for a quick meeting and snack, and YES, you need to try the food.What’s special about this toast: I always add their salmon gravlax to the mix, and OH MY GOD, god bless this. It comes with a sourdough toast, fresh greens and a boiled egg.500 Rue Beaubien EstOpen every day from 8am to 7pm

Cafe Melbourne 

Aussies, you guys are my heroes when we talk brunch. Melbourne cafe is drop dead serious when it comes to excellent brekkie options.Why this place: I included this spot in the best options when you visit Montreal, it’s cute with an amazing location, close to pretty much everything.What’s special about this toast: it has grilled halloumi, I repeat: grilled halloumi you guys!!! They have these magic homemade spices they add to the smashed avocado, that makes it super tasty. It’s served with macadamia nuts and a boiled egg, all the yums!4615 Boul. St-LaurentOpen Thursday to Tuesday (closed only Wednesday) from 8am to 4pm. Weekends start at 10am.

What’s your special ingredient in your avocado toast? I’m dying to know!Happy brunching or snacking, friends!