Gift Guide: My Fave Colourful Gifts For Everyone In Your List!

Colourful wall calendar

10 more days until Christmas (can you believe it? because I can’t!) 

Today, I’m bringing you a very special list filled with colour for everyone in your list this year. Don’t get me started because if I keep writing these gift guides, I’m going to end up buying everything (100% serious here).

Remember our first two guides? Home and design is here and local treasures over here.

Scroll down and let the fun begin! 

Colorful Gifts for everyone

1. Millie and Lou – I’m 1000% obsessed with this local brand (scored this dress!)

2. Our Perpetual Wall Calendar – One of our fave products we’ve done to date!

3. Pink Stapler – From our friend The Crafted Life

4. This Fun Swatch Watch

5. Mood Art Print – How Sweet is this!

6. Colourful Crates – to organize pretty much everything

7. Pink Coin Pouch – because we all need ice cream money

8. Mushroom Storage Bin –  I cry!

9. Good Vibrations Pillow – Seriously, the happiest pillow on earth 

A colourful list for everyone

10. Clipboard frame in blue – How fun is this frame!

11. This adorable hat – From Cocotzin, a new brand launched in Montreal

12. Bright gingham scarf – Never too many, right?

13. Mindfulness Card set – I really want to get this one!

14. This Adorable Twine Set – Anthro did it again, what’s new

15. Colourful 1000 pieces puzzle 

16. View Master – and DIY kit! What?

17. Card Colourful Kit – My mom would be so so happy with this set

18. Chroma label dots – and available in so many colours!

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