Local Love: Mini-Cycle!

Local Love in Montreal: Mini Cycle

Did you know that in Canada, the average person throws out 81 pounds of textiles annually, while North Americans send 10 million tonnes of clothing to the landfill every year? Most of which could be reused or recycled, but it isn’t, sadly. Part of my initiative this year to sell my closet was the actual hope that the used clothes I own, will be recycled or given a second lease on life, inspiring joy & happiness in another person.

Before saying good bye to 2020, we want to celebrate it with some local love, introducing you to one of our fave kids brand: Mini-Cycle. 

Many of you have asked all the time where do I get things for Oli’s colourful wardrobe for so long, and I have promised to you to do a list of where we usually go to and the brands we adore! Drumroll: today is THE day! 

The heart of this local company, is sustainability, something that we have been replicating at home as much as we can: from the way we buy pretty much everything, reselling my closet, and helping our planet as much as we can. For sure, learning that Mini-Cycle carries ethical, high quality collections curated for their durability and their lower impact on the environment (for real, the sweetest!), made me love them even more.

a kids room with ikea bunk bed
a girl sitting browsing her backpack

My top brand picks from Mini-Cycle

If you ask me to do a top list of brands Mini-Cycle carries, I have to confess it was SO hard to finish it because I love everything! (doing my very best here guys) and if this is the first time you’re hearing about them, here’s my top picks for you to check out, now:

Bobo choses 


Grech & Co

Mille baby


Organic zoo

Sticky lemon

Savage seeds

Tiny cottons

Is your wish list now filled with these magical treasures? 

Conscious living, is the only way

Have you ever stopped thinking, every purchase we made has a direct impact in our planet? After meeting my friend Caroline, the talented buyer of Mini-Cycle, I learned SO much about the environmental footprint of our wardrobe, the materials that are the most polluting and the ones we should switch to (I need to write a full blog post on this, because it is an entire universe).

This local company has three incredible concepts:

Pre-cycle: You can shop new, durable and cute brands (like the ones I just mentioned).

Rescues: When brands over produce, Mini-cycle gets these extra pieces back from their suppliers and closing boutiques and sells them at an affordable prices, eliminating extra waste (SO smart!).

Re-Cycle: Here, they repurpose loved old Mini-Cycle items until they are completely worn out and then resell them in a meaningful way, best way to support our planet!.

a toddler girl posing with sunglasses
Sticky lemon backpack branding

Make sure to check out Mini-Cycle, and support an adorable, Canadian local brand, owned by a sweet mama, for sweet mamas! 


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