New Shop Arrival This Week: Watercolor Collection!

Watercolor Porcelain Scallop Plates Collection


A bunch of new colourful, hand built, scallop plates just arrived to the shop yesterday and I cannot believe it’s been almost a year since a started my pottery-making adventures! 

When the pandemic hit, I was exhausted, burned out, and wanted to explore a new medium to help with my mental health (If you missed my pottery love diary, whatcha waiting for to read it all here!). Pottery has been not only the right medium, but an art that teaches you about patience, resilience and focus on your vision as an artist. 

These scallop plates scream MAAACAAA and after testing and testing, I decided to make a full collection with colour clay (instead of using underglazes) experimenting a bit a watercolor style filled with what it looks like real brush strokes.

The slow production process is all hand built (by me, YES!), and to make a plate it takes at least one week to dry very slowly, then bisque firing, glazing, glaze firing, and finally they are ready to sell. Head to the shop, and meet this adorable watercolor collection that I made with lots, lots of love.


Watercolor brush stroke porcelain mug
Colourful Scallop Plates Design

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