Small Business Saturday Celebration!

Small business support

I was so inspired to share all the hustle behind what you see every day on this blog, on Instagram and our shop celebrating the #smallbusinesssaturday yesterday! 

Remember March? *coughs* When the world shut down? and somehow someone pushed a pause button on absolutely everything? I think I’ll never forget it. For those who don’t know, in a nutshell, my life as a self-employed mama changed drastically. Our shop launched only a few months before the pandemic, and then, boom.

This time around was absolutely crazy and scary for us, creative entrepreneurs, but we never stopped working. reinventing. believing in change. and we hustled. like crazy, we did. 

The number one goal I had in mind with Lucile at the beginning of the year when we were in NYC at the national stationary show, was to grow our shop (and incapable of hiring/growing, because, corona life) we spent crazy amount of hours planning, designing, finding suppliers, packing, selling and producing each product we sell, (we still don’t carry any other brands but only our products), and much more.

We are here, today, writing this after jumping into a wild, fun ride because of each of you. Because every time we receive an order, a message, an email, or see our products in your homes, we smile and makes us feel so special! (tearing, a bit). We have absolutely NO clue what’s going to happen tomorrow (hence my stoicism lifestyle), but I couldn’t go to bed today without thanking you. 

SO thankful that our shop is hosting the biggest sale of the year until Monday! Everything (yes, all the products) 25% off – using the code FRIYAY.

Love to you all, with all my heart!

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