Free Printables On The Shop!


In a matter of days, hours, minutes our realities changed. 

Most of my friends, family, people I know, are in a self-quarantine lockdown. The entire world is shut down. The borders are closed. We no longer have work to do, and all this feels so surreal to me, and to you, I know. 

One thing we will never ever be tired of, is lifting others, cheering you up, and somehow showing the beauty and joy we desperately need right now. 

On the shop today, we have a brand new section: PRINTABLES! (YAAAAY), and Lucile was amazing creating three adorable colouring pages for your little ones and YOU. 


Free Printable for Kids
Free cute colouring pages

Everything will be okay. It will pass. In the meantime: STAY HOME, and enjoy your colouring time!

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