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#heymacahome Update: Our Kids Shared Bedroom Reveal!

It’s finally here!
Our official tour of Nico & Oli shared bedroom is officially ready (it only took me almost a year to do it after our first home preview here because life, you know?)This space is one of my favorite of our new home, and I received a lot of questions on how we managed to have one single bedroom and fit a boy and a girl, so here are all the tips for you mamas, wot wot (:

I think it’s not common that our kids (especially a boy and a girl) share one single room, and in all honesty for us, this was a number one priority. I always shared a bedroom with my sister even until our teenage years and it never bothered me at all, it was the total opposite actually.When we found our new home last year, I was shocked to see the first room when you walked in, was this ultra cute two-in-one mezzanine bedroom, and my instant reaction was: Jackpot! I can style two different bedrooms in one.The first 6 months we were kinda scared of the ladder so we practiced with Nico and trained him to be ready for his “big room” and they slept together using their old bunk bed in the meantime. Even though Oli was still little and woke up a few times during the night, we succeeded in keeping Nico asleep as a pretty good sound sleeper.As soon as my big boy graduated from his bunk bed, he was ready to go upstairs and the fun started!   

I’ve always wanted a house but keeping our city living as well, (we don’t see ourselves living in the suburbs, or crossing bridges for the time being) so a small home was always an option even with only 2 bedrooms.  The amount of space we found with a mezzanine was simply perfect for our family and I totally believe they’ll be more than ok sharing their bedroom for years.We transitioned Oli into a real bed and it was such an accomplishment for my little girl! She picked this new bed from Souris Mini with me, because this cutie wants to shop everything by herself nowadays. One thing I LOVED about this bed, is that is 100% made in Quebec, of natural birch plywood, and for the first time EVER, I assembled it myself, excuse moi? No tools, screws, or hardware, yes!
Oli’s little heart-shaped pillow, Tassel garland and the prettiest bright & bold reversible duvet cover
We also got her a sweet butterfly & bunnies fitted sheet from Souris Mini’s new collection, perfect for her little pastel world.
The room is about 16 feet-height, high enough to fit two rooms in one. All the details of this room are what I dreamed of for a while: black matte aluminum structure and a ladder, cement floors (that are heated during winter time), a big central window that covers both areas perfectly and Nico’s floor (including my office) are the only rooms in the house that came with a solid light wood finish.

Oli’s heart-shaped rug can be found here, her deer wall decor here, and her colorful pom-pom basket here
Our bedtime routine in a shared bedroom starts with Oli in her reading corner with mama, and usually every night, my hubby is upstairs with Nico as well at the same time. It surprises me so much every day how they have two unique spaces in a single one, right?

This cutie and her passion for books! 
Nico loved a space-themed corner, including tons of Star Wars (of course!).Both Nico & Oli have open-style closets (wish me luck) and tons of drawers to keep the toys a bit more organized.Nico’s colorful metal floor lamp can be found here
The view from Nico’s room, to their gallery wall.

Nico’s  Bla bla bla duvet cover is from Souris Mini and his Cactus knitted throw is from Babasouk.

THIS gallery wall, was SO fun to do!

The view from upstairs, aka my big boy world! 

Endless thanks to Souris Mini for sponsoring this post.All opinions are cuteness overload are entirely mine.

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  1. Homie, their bedroom is so incredibly adorable! I love how its a shared room yet they still have their own spaces. Also, I just about died over the "not crossing bridge" situation! 😉 Don't I know all about that life haha

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