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Local Love: Eve Cork

When I recently discovered Eve Cork, I started learning more and more about a new wave of eco-conscious fashion lifestyle brands and I couldn’t resist to include them in the latest Local Love and know every single detail about their story.Eve believes that supporting the earth is their greatest asset, using 100% cork fabric to produce a stunning line of bags that are both stylish and functional from sustainable sources you’ll be proud using daily as a perfect accessory. I fell in love with the Azores Crossbody bag, because it’s super lightweight, has a super fun design in blue and natural cork with a great size to fit all my daily essentials.

– Tell us a bit about this lovely idea, Eve Cork

Eve is a line of sustainable, eco-friendly cork handbags and accessories that are ethically handmade in Portugal. Our material is really what makes us unique. Hand-harvested from cork oak trees – our handbags and accessories are natural, sustainable, and made with the environment and the greater wellbeing of our planet in mind. 

Sustainable actions that support a healthy Earth is at the core of everything we do.

– What made you decide to open your business and why an eco-friendly one?

Paul Oehm, Eve‘s founder and President is a serial entrepreneur. He has a love for the outdoors, compassion for animals and makes eco-conscious decisions whenever he can. Paul came across this cork material after one of his friends brought some cork handbags back from their trip in Portugal. He was intrigued by the quality of the fabric the bags were made of but couldn’t get over the fact that they were 100% sustainably sourced from a natural, renewable resource. 

Paul saw a gap in the sustainable fashion industry and noticed that there wasn’t many players in North America using this amazing cork material for handbags. Before you know it, Paul created the company Eve, put together a team of designers and lined of some ethically minded manufacturers in Portugal. 

Eighteen months later, we have established ourselves as the leading cork handbag brand in North America and are on our way to being a leader in the global sustainable fashion industry. 

– Any tips for future entrepreneurs in the city?

Keep at it. Growing a business is hard. It takes persistence, consistency, dedication, and sacrifice- but if you have passion and you’re willing to take the hill- it’s worth the climb. 

You can find out more about Eve cork here

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