Sweet Dreams Are Made With Endy..

If you ask me, sweet dreams are made of a full night sleep, right? After our move to our new bedroom a few months back, I knew I needed to upgrade all my sleep essentials: new side tables, lighting, bedding and a perfect mattress.  Our bedroom has become our space to relax, read and do some work (in the comfiest way) and to wait for our little ones to jump into our bed in the middle of the night because not even them can resist our new Endy mattress.Here are three tips for you to really help you to create a peaceful routine that will help you wake up feeling extra rested and with lots of energy!

Time’s here friends, after a long day of intense activities, I usually have a pre-bed routine that works so well for both, starting by taking a hot bath followed by brewing some tea. Did you know that if you read something before you head to bed, your body will know it’s about time to get ready, like an instant notification that’s time to slow down and relax. When I don’t feel like reading some days, writing helps lots and I get some blog posts done right before sleep time. 

YOU’LL NEED A PERFECT BED And I mean this one. After a few years, tons of moves and different mattresses, I now know how important it is to have one by your side. I discovered the new era of sleep with Endy, that surprised us with a super fast delivery and the smallest box for a queen size bed. What I love about them? They’re Canadian (yay!), they are obsessed with details (like me), and they made my sleep experience 10 times better than before (even though our sleep is interrupted 10,000 times by Oli and Nico) and what makes Endy so different is that they have taken the comfort and support that foam beds are known for and elevated it with our unique foam composition (I kid you not!). With 3 total layers, Endy’s top layer is not temperature sensitive, meaning that your mattress will keep the same firmness year-round. It also releases body heat faster than conventional foam so you sleep at a more comfortable temperature regardless of seasonal changes in your sleep environment. Also, Endy’s quilted top adds the comfort and encourage airflow for a cooler night’s sleep, and unlike its competitors, Endy’s foam is not memory foam, but a proprietary one that is temperature insensitive. What does this mean? Simple, while memory foam will sink in the summer and feel firm as a rock during winter, the Endy Mattress is designed to maintain one optimal firmness through every Canadian season. 
Did I mention the dreamy Endy pillows? Guys, they are adjustable for any kind of sleeper (hello super picky one over here) and you can even remove or add handfuls of foam if you want to.Ps. not happy with Endy? You can sleep on it and if you’re not happy, they will give you 100-nights trial for you to try it. So clever!

LET THEM BE LITTLES, RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE.Nap times has been so inconsistent lately especially with Oli and all the changes we’ve had the past weeks. One thing I’ve been preaching since I have Oli, my last baby, is that we need to let them be littles, and let them explore and share their experiences with us all the time. When it comes to nap time, I set up a relaxed ambiance for them and yes, we nap together! there’s nothing better than a sweet hug, a morning full of baby snuggles and cuddles, because they grow way too fast and in a blink of an eye they’ll both be teens and I’ll miss these moments forever. Embrace this, mamas!

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Ps. You can get $50 off on any Endy mattress using the code ENDY50
Thanks to Endy for sponsoring this post. All opinions and baby cuddles are entirely mine.

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  1. I love our mattress but I wish it was a King because the pup loves to crawl in and take up the whole bed. I have never heard of Endy so I will have to check them out!

  2. I have been in need of a new mattress, SO glad I read this post 🙂 I will have to check them out 🙂 p.s. I love all your fun pics

  3. I have been so interested in the boxed mattresses! I love hearing other people's experience with them. We are hoping to upgrade to a King this year!

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