First Day of Spring: Let’s Make It All About Slow Living!

Slow Living during Spring: All the ideas

I read this quote a few weeks ago “The best time for new beginnings is now”, and wow, today, the first day of Spring (oh hello, my favourite season), there is so much sadness currently in the world. I have nothing else in my mind than sharing things that made me happy and maybe will make you happy too, despite all the news.

And maybe, why not, in the first day of Spring, let’s make it all about slow living. I have to confess that I need to keep blogging, posting stories, and being active on social media, to keep my mental health and sanity when everything (apparently) is going wrong. 

Now that we are (most of us), at home, should we focus on the art of a slow spring?  

Here are a four tips, so we can start together, shall we?


Ideas to welcome Spring

taking some time, enjoying slow activities 

When was the last time you finished a puzzle? Crafted something all by yourself? Finished that book you keep right next to bed? Slow activities that doesn’t necessarily involve technology will bring you so much joy, and peace. You need more ideas to stay away from your phone and the news? Here we go:

– Origami, books, puzzles, photography, baking, cooking with your kids, organizing that drawer you’re so scared to open, arranging flowers, painting and sketching (check this course on Skillshare), and so much more. 

Now, it’s the time to *really* enjoy some quiet time.

Capture some happy moments with your camera

No, you don’t need a “big” camera, use your phone, your mirrorless, anything you have handy. The most important tip? Capture as you go, I noticed some of the photos of my little family where we’re looking the happiest is when we’re doing things together. 

Slow Living - Spring Ideas

go out for walks

Fresh air, sunshine, the sound of the nature (or the city), is something we need, on a daily basis. I know we’ve been through some uncertain times, so be mindful with yourselves. Try some meditation while you walk, Headspace has free content available here

Learn (like me) how to say no when you mostly need it

I know it’s hard, especially when you want to please your friends, family and even strangers. But, one of the key elements of starting a slow living is, learning how to say no, when you mostly need it. I keep asking myself: Do I really want to do this? Do I need this in my life right now? Can I help or solve this problem? If any of these is a no, then don’t do it. You’ll feel so relieved of letting go many social obligations you don’t need right now. 

The Art of Slow Living

Are you ready? Hoping these tips can help you create some peace, especially right now. 

Can’t wait to read your comments.


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