Our New Normal Days, During a Pandemic

Our New Normal During COVID

Today we mark day 13 at home with Nico and Oli, while mama, daddy are working from home, or at least, trying to get used to our new normal, these days. 

In all honesty, I think I’m still in shock. 

I’ve been trying to focus on what to do during this social distancing era (especially during this phase of no income as an entrepreneur), think of new ideas, new projects, and how to feel productive, and guess what? Nothing, nada, rien.

I guess it is totally okay that after almost two weeks at home, my brain is currently in pause, taking a solid break, while this pandemic is happening around the globe.

What to do during COVID

These days, our new normal days, I’ve been thinking how I used to live my life before the pandemic. 

I remembered the big hugger I am, and how I’ve been giving hugs as soon as I meet new people. How I used to take the subway or bus, sat at any chair, or touched a pole making sure I felt safe. I thought of my farmers market visits, grabbing fruits, flowers and those dreamy avocados checking if they were ripe enough to eat that night.

Or the days were we grabbed a book from a donation box in the city and read it at night with the kids, when we used to get some ice cream, and lick our fingers not to miss a bit? The hands I used to shake and how happy I felt doing it, meeting new people.

The times I used to cook and try the recipe with my hands, and shared my spoon with my bestie.

I think what I’m mostly scared of, is the world we’re about to discover after the pandemic ends, and how I’m even terrified of grabbing a simple apple with my hands, right now.

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Easy Pasta Recipe

That feeling of loving something, of loving someone, despite everything, will be right here after. And even if I won’t hug you as much as I did before, I’ll still love you, lots.

What to do during COVID quarantine

And in this rollercoaster of emotions we live daily, with our kids at home, our husbands, our lovers, our friends, the only thing I have in mind is resilience. and why during this incredibly hard moment, my purpose is to help others. 

By connecting with each of you, and tangibly help, empowering how you can grow in resilience, as well.

Quaratine Tips with Kids

We might have lost our jobs, our employees, our exciting projects, our growing business plans, our next shop collections, but trust me, we are in this TOGETHER. 

Live a day at a time. Cry four times. Eat that ice cream and cookie. Drink that beer. Take that Yoga glass. Meditate. Run. Scream. Hug your loved one. Call your family. Wear makeup. Get dressed or wear your PJ. Read a book. Dance your favourite tune. Breathe. Repeat all.

Do whatever you need to feel better. I’m writing this, to feel better.

Love you, ALL, without a hug, keeping social distance like a pro.

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