Tiny Cocktails: Juice Slushies!

Juice Slushies Recipe

Can you believe you’ll only need 3 ingredients to make these ultra adorable tiny cocktails juice slushies? I’m NOT kidding you today, pinky promise.

A tiny story for you, did you know I grew up in the hottest city of Venezuela, where our average temperature was 40 celsius and ice was your ultimate BFF? (foooor real). You’ll see at any party everything frozen, including all kinds of slushies and cocktails, and even when slushies weren’t the main star of the night, I saw all my friends asking, can I have *this* with lots of ice, porfavor

As an eternal summer fan over here (even though Fall is around the corner) I’ll keep celebrating all things frozen, cute and yummy, so get ready to make together the easiest cocktail recipe today, okay?

YAY to tiny cocktails!

Fall Juice Slushies

So, back to tiny cocktail business, serious biz!

Using two of your favourite trays, let’s do two types of slushies: apple and strawberry! Combine in one tray apple juice concentrate and on the second one strawberry juice concentrate (the frozen kind, but thawed) with 1 cups of juice vodka on each and a bottle of your favourite citrus soda (I used diet 7up!) then stir and freeze.

Easy Slushies Recipe

Go to the freezer and pull it out and hour or two before you want to serve them (this is the secret, shhhh). Once it starts to thaw and melt, you can scrape the slush into your favourite cocktail glass, and top with extra soda or sparkling water (MIAM).

Can you believe how easy it is?

Slushies at home: How to make them!

The Easiest Juice Slushies

Prep Time 10 minutes
Servings 2 people


  • 1 can frozen apple juice
  • 1 can frozen strawberry juice
  • 2 cups juice vodka (one apple, one strawberry)
  • 1 bottle lemon soda (7up)
  • additional soda or sparkling water for serving


  • Combine in two separate trays the juices concentrate, vodka, and bottle of soda. Chill at least 8 hours, overnight
  • Remove from freezer 1 - 2 hours before serving, scrape and serve
  • Add 1 cup slush to a cocktail glass and top with additional soda or sparkling water, voila!

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