Local Love: Johanie Creative

Being a full time mom and a part time blogger is keeping most of my days so busy lately, I kept on dreaming having a “me” time at least one day. Last weekend, I found a big dose of inspiration, something like a colorful and happy party where only girls were allowed, baking and decorating Halloween cookies.I know you must be like, how come I didn’t hear about this? and how come I wasn’t invited? I know, I know.. I promise next time we are SO going together. Babasouk and Miss Cloudy were the hosts of the day at their gorgeous Baba loft, a place with great energy and only chill vibes, plenty of beautiful treasures I just wanted to take home with me, full of colorful corners and lots of confetti. You’re with me, right?That day, I was lucky enough to meet Johanie, an incredible (and I totally mean this) crafty lady behind Johanie Creative, and after seeing her in action, you won’t believe how talented she is.This week, we talked to Johanie, and we asked all her little secrets on how everything started.

Tell us a bit about this lovely idea, Johanie Les Biscuits and what made you decide to open your business?

As for my little history, I’ve always been Miss crafty but was not destined to become anything creative at all as I pursued studies in Actuarial Mathematics. At some point during my studies, my life literally changed when i signed up on Pinterest, haha!.

As I was envying people online for having such a colorful lifestyle, I started asking myself a lot of questions especially regarding the fact that I never had the chance to exploit my creative side and that I never actually pictured my life being sitted in front of a computer all day.

Therefore, after 3 and a half years of studies (and a degree, yeah!), an internship in retirement plans and 2 professional exams, I finally allowed myself to experiment something more creative. I’ve then spent a year trying different things like working as an assistant florist, an assistant wedding planner and an assistant baker, while crafting and making new Pinterest projects in my free times. 

At one point, I stumbled upon sugar cookies and remember saying: ‘’I’m sure I can make this!’’ and there I was, baking my first batch of sugar cookies. (If you search, their picture is still on my Instagram somewhere!) 

Found it here! #score

Then I got a full time job as an event planner for about a year while I continued crafting and baking cookies for my family and friends on the side. As I baked along, I was posting pictures of my cookies online and started getting lots of likes and new followers from my cookies pictures. When my job contract came to an end, we were quite close to Christmas and I simply didn’t bother to search for another job. I though it might be a good idea to create a Facebook page for my cookies in case someone would want some for the holiday season. 

I was the first one surprised when I got 500 followers on the very first day and I’ve been baking cookies full time ever since! So it wasn’t something I ever had planned, but turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Christmas time was complete craziness and when I came back from a well deserved vacation in January I was chosen for a special Entrepreneurial incubator program at HEC Montréal. Throughout the program I was challenged on what I wanted my business to become and the next steps I wanted to take. 

I therefore realized that baking sugar cookies was one ‘’type’’ of arts and craft I wanted to pursue but for me was not a finality. 

My biggest realisation was that I have a very specific mission that motivate everything I do: Inspiring others to be creative. I want to craft, to bake and to entertain but above all to inspire people and give them tools to be creative themselves. 

That’s why I launched Johanie Creative last July. 

The new website contains a blog, video tutorials and soon an online store. Everything is cookie oriented for a start, but soon will become a platform where DIYs, party’s ideas and creative baking meets. 

Basically I want to become a 2.0 version of Martha Stewart!

Oh my word, these bagels! colorful bagels?  Heaven!Thanks to Miss Cloudy, you’re so rad.

Any tips for future entrepreneurs in the city?

I think networking is something crucial in an entrepreneur’s life. I think being in Montreal is amazing because there are so many wonderful people out there ready to help and advise you. 

I love meeting new people and exchanging on everyone’s entrepreneurial’s journey. 

Thanks to the HEC I’ve been surrounded by crazy talented and experienceful people that have played a very important role in what I do and am today.

Johanie, you’re a delight and we are absolutely crazy about your cookies.Can’t wait to hear more about the future Martha Stewart of the city!To find more about Babasouk’s workshops, you can sign up here and all about Johanie Creative here


  1. Heidi Wells
    October 27, 2016 / 9:22 pm

    What a cute story. Wish I lived closer!!

  2. Kristeena
    October 27, 2016 / 9:38 pm

    I need to attend one of her workshops! The loft is gorgeous and those cookies are too cute! Johanie is so talented!

  3. Nikki
    October 27, 2016 / 9:56 pm

    Wow this is amazing! So talented! I would love to attend one of those. And those cookies! ?