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It’s Pho O’Clock! These Are The Top 3 Pho in Montreal This Winter

Winter is officially here, disclaimer: *sorry in advance* and I know some of you might have some early-winter blues (like me), so nothing better than a good, warm soup to cheer us up. Am I right?You can ask any of my close friends about my soup obsession, and that I can easily eat them all year long, from extreme summer days to ultra cold ones, without any shame. I find them tasty, the most comforting and filling and when we talk about Asian noodle soups, I’ll be the first one doing that long lineup. Thankfully, Montreal is the city where you’ll get endless food options, including Pho soups and on point Vietnamese little places you’ll be addicted to.Long story short for all of you, here are my favourite, the best Pho soups in Montreal you need to try or repeat more than once.
Tran Cantine Why this place: One of the latest additions of St-Henri, Tran is a little Vietnamese Cantine offering a fun menu with very reasonable prices (thank god). I’ve been here a couple of times and every single one I’m always there for soups. Every single thing is homemade here, the broth, sauces and the entire menu. You’ll find appetizers like spring rolls, three options of Pho including chicken, rare beef and beef flank, and the popular Vietnamese sandwiches bahn mi (that I can’t wait try next time).What we had: Spring rolls to start, and two chicken Pho, for the heart.Located at 4690 Rue Notre Dame Ouest, open Monday to Saturday from 11:30am – 9pm
Nguyen PhiWhy this place: This is one of the most popular spots that’s been around in the city, and let’s be honest, this Pho deserves a Guinness record.  You need to swim in their delish broth, full of flavour and rich in fresh ingredients like onions, ginger and a bit of cinnamon. You’ll have plenty of pho options in here, a total of 23 different “tonki” soups, including shrimp, pork, veggie or well done beef. Bonus track: They are extremely kids friendly and they have a kids menu, yay!What we had: veggie pho, chicken pho and their kids option of grilled chicken with rice.Located at 6260 Chemin de la Cote-des-Neiges, open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am – 8pm.
Pho LienWhy this place: this ultra crowded place in Cote-des-neiges was on my list since forever, and I spotted a quiet time to visit them and try their famous pho. Guys, the wait was absolutely worth it, at a point, I had to come back a week after for more. Keep in mind this place is for a quick stop, but be sure it’ll be one of your best stops ever. Noodles are “fait maison” and the staff is fun and kind to accommodate families like ours.What we had: Spring rolls (a must), Beef and chicken pho, their famous chicken grillade plate.Located at 5703 Chemin de la Cote-des-Neiges open Wednesday to Monday from 11am – 10pm
Craving for one, right now! don’t judge me.

What are your favourite Vietnamese places? Would love to try them!


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