Yayy of this week – Weekend

Hi St-Henri

I totally love your metro station. Those bright colours can cheer up any grey winter day

3 of the coolest things of MF office.

– The huge origami face 

– OMG, They have a huge Formica samples wall  -I’m totally doing this in our apartment!

– Their longboards all over the office, Nico had his 1st ride with Daddy!

 If a brunch place has a Corbusier book like this one, it is automatically a WIN.

 my boys

 Mocca & a baby

 Here’s the proof!

 Alessandro’s Mario bro!

the yay things of this week
Halloween! I have to organize the pics and post them later. We had a great activity in the office, carving some pumpkins with a contest, pizza lunch and we even wore costumes – lol.
Brunch in Arts cafe was parfait 🙂
We tried to go there before but it was always full & today was the perfect day for it.
The benedictines of the day are (I’m really serious) the best ones I’ve tried so far.
Esteban played with Nico in his longboard in his office yesterday, was so cute!

What I got recently!