Valentines love

Nico is allergic to Peanuts since he was 1 year and a half. We recently did his 2nd test with the allergist and now his allergy got worse. I’m always very careful and we avoid most of cakes, cookies and any commercial cupcakes because i’m way too paranoid something will happen to him, peanuts are everywhere.Today, on Valentines day, I wanted to treat him the way he deserved and we went to a tiny patisserie in Westmount that is Allergen free! finally! and they are also vegan and organic.  

My matcha cupcake made with chickpea flour 
he ate the whole thing :)Singing Gateau mami! Booooonnneee feteee mami! 
they ended up like this in the sofa
Patisserie Petit Lapin

Tuesday – Sunday (Monday closed)

11am – 7pm or 5pm

Reservations: Noup, no tables, strictly to go. they only have a big counter where you’ll pick your order.

Kids Friendly: Yep, but don’t bring your stroller, they won’t fit.

Address: 342A Av. Victoria

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