Hidden gem of the month: Village Cafe

I had a date last week with my baby in the cutest new spot of Rosemont, Village Cafe. 
Montreal needed so bad a spot like this specially in winter time, where the options are very limited. 
This coffee shop has 4 main areas, a corner with a small play area with a tiny kitchen, books and some other toys. Just in front, there’s a bench facing the windows with lots of books. They have some tables (with adorable baby blue chairs) for moms and dads and a large salon for their classes and private activities. 

I have to say, I want to come here every single weekend. The server was so cute with Nico! She even served his milk in a baby-size cup and of course I told him look my love! Coffee for you too!

Bonus points: They have a brilliant branding, omg! that logo is perfect. They offer yoga classes, Art Ateliers, Prenatal courses and a lot more.

The perfect date, my cappuccino and his milk.
Can’t get any cuter than this! This is how they display their menu.

Village Cafe

Monday to Sunday (until 6pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends)

Reservations: Nope

Kids Friendly: this is THE place for kids.

Address: 207 Rue Beaubien Est

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