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The Easiest and Cutest Spritzers For Your Next Brunch!

Brunch ladies, where are my brunch ladies at?Summer (at least my summer) is a mandatory and essential call for all things lazy, hammocks and flowers, tan lines and bare feet all over, you can get my passion for summer now, right?So, if you are the kind of gal who likes planning cute things to do and drinking cute cocktails, THIS post is entirely made for you.Here’s how you can recreate the easiest, cutest spritzers, ever.
The key to making a perfect spritzer? be sure your wine is cold, and I mean gotta be this C O L D.For these ones I did, I used a Pink Rose Moscato base, because I adore a sweet touch in my cocktails, all the freaking time.To make them, pick your favorite wine and here’s what you need to use:4oz of chilled Rose Moscato3oz of chilled club soda (I used Peach LaCroix – obsessed)Juice from a lime (as much as you want)Garnish with basil, lemons, or a piece of your favorite fruit
As soon as Nico saw this table, he thought we were eating everything, ha! 
What are your favorite summer drinks? Can’t wait to know all about it!

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