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Montreal Indie Coffee Crawl: 5 Most Beautiful Spots in the City

This post is dedicated to all my coffee lover friends, Hello there!These five spots are simply too much to handle and I visit them all-the-time.You won’t regret it, I promise you that.

Tommy Cafe In the heart of Old Montreal, Tommy Cafe is THE place if you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful spots in the city. Serving snacks, brunch and delicious sweets, this coffee shop has an impeccable design and the best hanging greenery decoration I really want to have someday in my life.Recommended: Grab a cappuccino and a cronut, YES they serve super yummy cronuts.Tip: Try to visit it early in the morning to find a great table. If you’re a big party, run to the mezzanine level, where they have a small living room waiting just for you. Ps. If you stay long enough in the afternoon, you can enjoy an apéro before heading out to dinner.

Cafe Sfouf A Pinterest dream spot in the east side of the city with a charming staff, a lovely menu and a great kids corner all the moms will thank them for. Their famous wall display with basket and plants is one of the most Instagrammed shots of the year and it’s absolutely gorgeous.Recommended: their specialty, a little sfouf along with a double shot espresso.Tip: I have to come back just to try their famous tartines with homemade Nutella, who’s coming with me? 

CrewLocated in the old headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada built in 1928 and surrounded by an immense overload of antique chandeliers, vaulted ceilings and marble everywhere you go, this coffee shop has one of the most historical intact decor of the city where you’ll order a coffee from a former bankteller’s window, wow.Recommended: a BLT (for the win, yes!) and a mochaccino, simply great!Tip: If you’re a freelancer or want to rent a co-working space for a few hours, Crew is perfect for you. Rent a conference room here 

Cafe ParvisOne of my favorite spots in downtown Montreal, Parvis is a spot you can’t miss if you’re in the city. A hidden gem with a spectacular and on point interior design, big windows and overload of plants, this coffee shop opens from 7am up to 11pm, so you can basically enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one single spot.Recommended: Their pizza and salads are scrumptious! Mak sure you finish with a coffee and a raspberry cheesecake like we did.Tip: The menu changes every week (so amazing, right?) check their facebook page and see what’s trending for the week. 

La Croissanterie FigaroThis spot will transport you to a lovely small piece of Paris in the city. With a stunning and impeccable design, antique industrial sewing machine bottoms used as marble tables, croissants asking you to be eaten and a great terrace you need to visit during summer days, Figaro is one of the most classy spots where you’ll enjoy a warm coffee on a cold day.Recommended: Any croissant, that’s the goal! I had a special one during this visit, including eggs, spinach, and cheese. Any coffee is as good as the vibes of this spot.Tip: They don’t serve a brunch menu but small breakfast options instead. Space is limited if you’re a big group.

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  1. Ok this right here is amazing! And that Cronut sounds heavenly. I can't wait to use this list when we visit your beautiful city. ������

  2. I can't get enough of these beautiful indie coffee crawls! and i mean…all that greenery! Montreal is truly beautiful!

  3. I am majorly lacking some indie coffee shops in my area! Thanks for giving me some great eye candy!

  4. YOU FIND THE COOLEST coffee shops! I want to come visit just to eat and sip every where that you do!!! xo Dani

  5. Okay I NEED to hit up some of these spots! Especially Tommy!xx Gabriellapastelandpastries.com

  6. I absolutely love all your picks! And your pics too! ha -Didierwww.didieryhc.com

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