On Weekends, We Have The Best “me” Time…

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Oh hey, my dear weekend, I have missed you so dearly, and  I miss you every time you are gone. 
I should tell you a little secret today. We have a “me” time every weekend, and no, in my case, it’s not only going out for mani and pedi, but to stay cozy indoors, make a good ol’ lemonade and catch up on my favorite magazines. I read them to myself, I cook with them, start and finish dieting as fast as you can think, follow latest color blocking trends, swim in a sea of perfect ootds, and having a top 10 on which ones I can’t miss every month, is my favorite sport. 
… and this is how our “me” time starts during weekends: 

A Dose of Good Design Nico and Olivia? Still sleeping.
Husband? Serving coffee for both, and checking some things online.
Me? Coffee served, toast with butter and a yummy jam and ready to start my good dose of design. You should know this by now, but this girl over here is a huge sucker for a good design – branding – interior. I simply can’t pick only one magazine because it’ll be a crime to miss them every month, and since I discovered and tried Texture, I feel I’m the queen (you can ask my husband my happiness about this, lol). 
What’s pretty amazing about this service that I didn’t even know until I tried it, is that they made it happen: you don’t need to spend tons of money on each magazine subscription or even on newsstands (like I did before), but you can enjoy unlimited access to explore more than 200 tiles, between any category or interest, in one single app. 
Here are my top design magazines you’ll love in Texture:Domino magazineArchitectural DigestDwellELLE DecorDo it yourselfReal SimplePretty sweet, right? Yesssssss, it is available on tablets and phones, both Android and Apple.

It’s a quiet afternoon, and it’s time for:Most weekends, during quiet times in our home every weekend you’ll find us:You’ll see Nico watching Star Wars (basically every day)Olivia will be taking a long nap that I’ll be jealous about (always)Esteban will be finding things to fix or install, even if we don’t need itand you’ll find me, having (finally) my well deserved girly time along with my favorite lifestyle magazines and having all of them in one single place.Here are my top lifestyle magazines you’ll love in Texture:ChatelaineGlamourShapeAllureIn StyleNylonVogueVanity Fair

Food is our collective “me” time, and we love it. 
Big foodies in this family are always impatient waiting to finish the day with the yummiest moment we all think it’s the best “me” time: Food. 
Nico started to be my little helper while I cook since June (little steps, people) and cooking has been a fun plan we all enjoy doing together. I follow lots (and I mean LOTS) of food & cooking magazines the past few years and finding new recipes, new ideas and thinking how to surprise my little family, has been a must to me.  I realized, how happy Food makes us. 
Here are my top Food & Cooking magazines you’ll love in Texture:
Bon Appetit
Clean eating
Food & Wine
Cooking light
Food Network

Need inspiration for your me-time? Check out Texture for great content on home, food, DIY and more. Create your Texture account and use promo code HeyMaca for 30 days free, plus, 30% off a premium subscription for three months! After you create your account, head to the app store to download the app and start reading!

Sponsored content: This post is sponsored by Rogers Texture but opinions and content expressed here are my own.

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  1. That sounds pretty amazing! Me time is kind of the best thing ever. It just takes some organizing to actually sit down and tell yourself that this is the time to relax.Eleni xoBijuleni

  2. First off, your pictures are just flawless. What lens do you use? Also I so miss getting magazines I'm so glad you shared some ideas. I need a magazine subscription now!

  3. These are amazing suggestions. I didn't know that such an app existed! In libraries, we have one called Flipstr that card holders at my library can access but it doesn't have nearly the selection as you do here! There are also some magazines that I definitely want to support through a subscription because they so strongly deserve that money. But outside of those few, I'm always down to browse magazines! This is such an amazing app. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This sounds like the best magazine subscription! I love all types of magazines. I think it's the amazing photos, the great articles, and the well thought out design.

  5. First of all…gorgeous photos! I love the layout of this blog. These all sound like great options for so many people. This is the best magazine subscription I’ve heard of recently. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Please invite me to your next slumber party! All I want to do is take gorgeous photos and read amazing magazines!

  7. What a fun magazine subscription! I never knew all of these were available electronically! What an awesome way to kick up the feet and relax!

  8. Wow! This is a great service!! Thanks for sharing! It’s so nice that Texture makes over 200 of the best magazine subscriptions available all in one app!!

  9. That sounds like a great service to get all your magazines in one place. I really like all the fun photos that you paired with each part of your day. Also way to go on getting your son to begin cooking with you some.

  10. I just heard about this app on a podcast I listen to– I need to check it out. I love lazy weekend mornings when I can go through my fave mags.

  11. You are right on with your best magazine subscription choices. I have a lot of them on your list! Great looking blog too by the way!

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